Season 5 Episode 11


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 02, 2014 on NBC

Episode Recap

Amy tells Drew about her college life while playing cards. Natalie comes by Drew's room after a round of drinking. Drew introduces Natalie to Amy but Natalie quickly leaves before anything else can be said. Drew says she's not his girlfriend and they keep playing. Carl goes to Sarah's door and asks if she would like to attend a charity event. Sarah reminds Carl that she does not want to sleep with him, but Carl convinces Sarah to attend as his plus one. Carl makes her a deal, saying he'll offer some contacts in advertising for Sarah's photography.

After school, Ed tries to talk to Julia as she puts the kids into the car. Ed apologizes but says he thought he felt something from her. Julia is shocked and says that she is married. Max comes by the photography studio and asks Hank where the photos to develop are. Hank says he is running behind and has to redo a shoot. Max gets upset and goes into one of his tantrums. Hank has never experienced this before so he tries to explain but Max gets even more upset and storms out of the shop. Hank runs after him trying to call him. Max ends up running all the way home where he storms upstairs. Kristina apologizes to Hank. Hank tries to explain, hoping that Adam and Kristina will not be mad. Adam and Kristina try to explain that this can happen but Hank seems worried that he upset Max.

Zeek continues trying to take care of himself. He works on the car, makes a mess in the kitchen, and then finally chats with Camille on Skype. Camille is happy about her experience but she says there is an opportunity to visit a villa and paint there for an extra week. She tells Zeek to think about it. Sarah asks Jasmine for advice on what to wear to this charity event. Jasmine snoops online, shockingly finding that Carl is a fully certified doctor and runs a non-profit that builds hospitals in developing countries. He's a doctor and saves babies, Jasmine says. Adam comes to apologize to Hank. Adam says that Hank handled the situation very well and that Max really enjoys coming to the studio. Adam passes Hank a book on Asperger's Syndrome. Meanwhile, Zeek heads to a diner for some real food. While there, another older gentleman tries to strike up a conversation with him. Zeek says he isn't in the mood for talking, so the older gentleman eventually quiets.

Julia asks if the kids can sleep over at Adam and Kristina's so that she and Joel can have a night off at a school event for parents. While there, Adam sees that Julia is tense. Julia breaks down and states that things have been difficult between Julia and Joel. Julia says that Ed was a friend, but he made a move and Julia didn't stop him. Adam explains that it happens, telling her about the assistant at the luncheonette. Julia says she kissed back though. But she denies wanting to end her relationship with Joel. She says it has been difficult ever since Joel has gone back to work. Adam says Ed is not worth it and that she didn't do anything wrong. Adam drops off a basket for Crosby and picks up Jabbar. While Jabbar grabs his things, Adam tells Crosby about Julia's situation. Crosby knows Ed from school and is shocked to hear that he kissed Julia. Since Crosby is also going to the school event for parents, Adam tells him to watch over Julia.

Back on campus, Drew continues to chat with Amy who is visiting. Natalie asks how the two met while she cuddles up to Drew. Drew is noticeably embarrassed by this, realizing that Natalie has become jealous and is now treating Drew like the boyfriend she said he wasn't. Meanwhile, Hank reads through the book on Asperger's and discovers that the book explains his own behavior. He rushes over to Sarah's house and tells her about Max and the book and that the book is describing himself. Sarah is concerned but hears him out. Hank realizes that this syndrome may have been affecting his life the whole time. This is why things have been so difficult in his life. Sarah explains that she is going out but tells Hank that he is a great person and that a syndrome has not impeded his life. Carl knocks on the door to get Sarah and they soon all leave.

Zeek visits the diner again and this time actually tries to strike up a conversation. They instantly hit it off, chatting about sports, the military, and more. Sarah tells Carl that she didn't realize he did such good work. Carl introduces Sarah to some people at the event. At the school, Julia avoids Ed while Crosby and Jasmine check out Sarah's exhibit of photography. There's an auction for the photographs, so Crosby puts Ed's name down for a bid. But Ed ends up confronting Julia, clearly after having a few drinks. Julia is nervous and tells Ed she can't talk to him and to go home. Ed says that his now ex-wife has turned the whole school against him. Joel comes by to see if everything is okay, telling Ed to back off. He says he's just having a good time and puts his hand on Joel's shoulder. This enrages Joel and he pushes Ed back, letting him fall over. Crosby tries to distract everyone to avoid making the scene even bigger.

Zeek continues talking to his new friend, who is a widower. He assumed the same of Zeek, but Zeek mentions that Camille is merely visiting Italy. His new friend convinces Zeek to basically seize the day. Zeek needs to enjoy life now that all the children have left the next. Back at the charity event, Carl receives an award. Sarah looks on from her seat and realizes that she was totally wrong about Carl. On campus, Drew and Amy head back to his dorm room. Amy wonders what is going on with Natalie. She thinks Natalie is jealous but Drew tries to shrug that off. Drew is sad that Amy is leaving and she says she feels horrible about how things ended between them. Drew says he understands though. Amy says she wishes she could take it all back. They kiss and they suddenly can't contain themselves.

Julia and Joel head outside. Joel asks if she is having an affair with Ed. Julia denies this and she tries to reassure him. Joel isn't too happy though. He gives Julia the keys and walks away. Carl and Sarah head back to the apartment building. They thank each other before saying goodnight and they go back to separate apartments.

The next morning, Amy and Natalie exchange glances in the bathroom. Getting back to Drew's dorm room, she says she doesn't want to leave, picking up on the notion that Drew is wanted goods. Hank visits Adam and Kristina to return the book. Hank wants to talk to Max and hopes that he will forgive him. Max says it's weird to have Hank in his house. Hank asks Max how he is doing. Hank has brought the developed photos for Max. Once Max sees the pictures, he apologizes to Max in a monotonous way but Hank accepts the apology, laughing. Adam and Kristina watch from the doorway as the two play chess.

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