Season 5 Episode 11


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 02, 2014 on NBC

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  • Going through withdrawals

    I was so happy that Parenthood started up again after taking a few weeks off. I was going through withdrawals. To me, the strained relationship between Julia and Joel doesn't seem all that odd. It all seems to stem from Julia's decision to put her career on hold to be a stay at home mom and leaving Joel to be the only breadwinner. This scenario can cause cracks in the strongest of marriages, especially for those who have a lot invested into a specific career.

    I do agree that Sarah is a hot mess, but I suppose if she wasn't, her character would be boring. It would be out of character for her to not have another man in reserve. So far I'm not real impressed with her newest fling.

    I was glad to see Zeek change his email to Camille. I think his new friend Rocky (from the diner) put it in prospective for Zeek when he explained that if his dead wife came back from the dead and wanted to go to Italy he'd beat her ass to the airport. Meaning: you don't know what you got till it's gone.
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