Season 3 Episode 17

Remember Me, I'm The One Who Loves You

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 21, 2012 on PBS

Episode Recap

Dr. Joe shows Jasmine a new tent in the house when he learns that Crosby is preparing for a camping trip. Crosby tells Lily a scary story in his bed at home. Dr. Joe trusts nothing will happen between Crosby and Jasmine during this camping trip. Mark tries to coax Sarah into moving to NYC with him. Sarah has trouble digesting the idea but does take time to ponder it. Adam and Crosby meet with another music producer. He wants to buy the Lunchonette. The brothers say that the place is not for sale. But the producer shows him an offer for $1 million. Adam is flabbergasted. He could really use that money, even if split with Crosby.

Zoey's water breaks at the grocery store. She calls Julia to come and get her to the hospital. Zoey is scared so she waits at the grocery store. Joel says that their son is coming and they smile. Sarah unexpectedly finds Amber at home and learns that Amber left the office. Amber says it wasn't the right fit but Sarah wonders why this job didn't work out. Crosby and Jasmine prepare the last few items for the camping trip. Jasmine says she is not staying overnight. Julia steals some ice cream for Zoey, who's waiting for contractions to become more regular. Julia learns that Zoey never told her mother or sister about her being pregnant. They start moving Zoey to the delivery room.

Sarah goes to see Kristina and finds out that Amber and Bob were about to sleep together. But Kristina says affair even though Bob is not married. Sarah doesn't understand because if they like each other, then it's not that big of a deal. Kristina and Sarah start feuding over this and Kristina says she hopes that Sarah would have done the same thing if she knew Haddie was in the same situation. Adam heads over to the studio to talk to Crosby about the deal. Adam laments that it is a lot of money. But Crosby thinks it's a stupid deal because they're just starting out. Adam says he has a lot of financial problems right now. Crosby says he's not selling and he leaves.

Jasmine makes fun of Crosby's tent. Crosby mentions the deal to Jasmine for the production studio. Jasmine understands more than Adam, Crosby starts to see. The music mogul gives Adam a call again. He senses Adam's wanting to sell and tells him to come for a drink later that night. Meanwhile, Julia continues to help Zoey through the childbirth. Julia continues to support and coach Zoey. Sarah goes over to Kristina's to rehash the conversation about Amber and Bob. They both apologize. Sarah mentions she might be moving to New York and they start talking about that. Kristina thinks she should go. Jasmine burns her hand near the campfire so Crosby patches her up. Jasmine laments that she hasn't really brought up moving in with Joe to Jabbar yet.

Amber gets a house call from Kristina at the apartment. Kristina has come to apologize about her behavior and wants Amber to come back to work. Amber says she understands why Kristina acted that way. Crosby, Jasmine, and Jabbar sing some songs. Jasmine had originally planned to leave but now she can't refuse. Meanwhile, Adam meets with the music mogul at the bar. Adam starts feeling the pressure when the man says he might up the offer. Adam says he can't make the call on his own. Now the offer is higher and Adam can't believe it. He says he will have to talk to Crosby.

Zoey continues the labor process and the baby is born. The doctor declares the baby healthy. Julia asks if Zoey wants to hold him, but she says no. Julia holds him and gets emotional. Mark surprises Sarah with a night picnic. Sarah is seriously pondering the New York journey. Mark is surprised at this. After Jabbar falls asleep, Crosby and Jasmine talk. Crosby says he ruined something that was very dear to him; his family. Crosby says that this part hurts. Jasmine hugs him. Julia, Joel, and Sydney head to the hospital to see the baby and prepare to take him home. Julia says she wants to go in alone first. But Zoey isn't there. She's walking the halls. Julia finds her upstairs with her baby boy. Through the window, Julia is shocked but sees Zoey happy. Their eyes meet. Zoey starts crying and it doesn't look like Julia will be taking the baby home today.

Julia tells Joel to head back downstairs with Sydney while she takes a breather in one of the rooms. She cries there. She really hoped to be taking this baby home. She doesn't know if it's still going to happen now.

Crosby wakes up and there's water coming into his leaky tent. It starts pouring outside, so they all start rushing to gather all their stuff. Amber heads over to her mother's house. Amber says she doesn't really want to talk about it, but just misses her mom.

Crosby says that Jasmine doesn't need to worry about telling Jabbar about the move. In the car though, you can clearly tell she's still debating this move with Dr. Joe. Reflecting on how much Crosby has grown over the past year, she rushes out of the car and tells Crosby that she loves him. She never stopped loving him. She wants to live with him again and wants to marry him. Crosby is shocked but says yes, he wants to be a family again. Jabbar smiles from the car when his parents kiss. When they wave him to come outside, he's so excited. That's just what he wanted: to be a family again.