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  • Awesome show

    I liked this show from the moment that I got into it. What you have hear is an interesting drama about a family and of course it has all the dramas that would unfold in families. I mostly started watching it to see how they handled the autistic kid and stayed into it for many other reasons. I don't hate how that character was portrayed at all. I think that they did him pretty well. But this show is very good with how they handle different events in life. I recommend it to everyone.
  • So Sad

    I will miss it
  • Sniff! Sniff!

    I am inconsolable... I LOVE your show. You are the BEST. No violence! Real people in real situations. Dialogues that sounded real and not cute or off-the-cuff. Felt a little bit like eavesdropping on real conversations.

    Thank you everyone for this production. If I had one word to describe your show, it would be EXCELLENCE. You will be sorely missed...
  • Amazing show!

    Amazing show, I like how dialogues are in this show, totally natural, sometimes they overlap each other and you can't understand much from what is being said but that's whats realistic about it. Very good show, I really connected to the characters and I think the ending will be great. The most emotional moment for me was when Joel and Julia were separated, that really touched me.

  • Its an good show

    I'm glad this show is coming to an end. Its gotten depressing. Get to see Lauren Graham get married but to Ray. They don't have any chemistry/ I guess she had all the good guys on Gilmore Girls. I'll watch see how ends.
  • Really??? RAY ROMANO??!!

    I don't know why I keep watching this ridiculous show. They talk over each other, the women on this show are terrible moms except for the Grandmother. I can't STAND Max, he needs to be slapped in the mouth for some of the things he says. THey let him get away with too much. I have invested this much time into it, so I will keep going till the end.
  • Don't Cancel this show!!!!

    this is one of the best shows on the air. PLEASE don't take it off the air! It is, by far my favourite TV series and a big favourite for our family too.
  • All about Sarah.

    This is the worst TV Show I have ever 40 year old woman living with her parents for free,asking her sister for money to send her ex-husband to rehab,sleeping with I have a sister like Sarah,I would never talk to her again,that family is so crazy,what a great message to say it is okay to be 40 and be a freeloader,I watch it in Netflix and every time Sarah comes out I fast forward to the other the show is about Sarah.
  • I still love the show, s7please

    Why are you people upset at it being a lesbian character,who cAres?

    When and if ur child comes homes with a homosexual problem this would probably change for u because the simple fAct is, that while we can't control what happens on television or even agree with it, things like this happens every day for some people... I don't agree with the homosexual lifestyle but it happens and it may one day happen to your family..

    They were trying to tackle every angle of real situations.

    yes, the media is definitely shoving homosexuality down our throats.

    I find it most disappointing that no one mentioned the abortion episode, a decision mAde by two immature teens, taking a life is far worst than being WITH the same sex... its ALL sin.

    Lets not mention the infidelity that is also being thrown at our culture, divorce and separation is not something I look forward to as a single young woman looking for start a fAmily some day... so when u stop watching bc of an homosexual need to actually check ur values. There are so many other things to point fingers at in this show but you seem blind to them bc of ur super judgmental thoughts that cloud your head.

    HOMOSEXUALITY IS A SIN, MURDERING AN UNBORN CHILD IS A SIN AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST INFIDELITY IS A SIN, HAVING SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE IS A are things THAT I DO NOT plan on importing into my if u plan on being done with the show do it for the real issues that exists on the have been desensitized to these is JUST the biggest hottest issue out there at the time.

    At some point someone argued about no sex on television, no swearing etc..

    I personally love the show and I especially hated the abortion eps. I personally dont agree with majority of all the issues that they present of the show.

    so for those who thinks its okay to cheat on ur spouse, have teens abort unborn babies, have sex b4 marriage, etc then go ahead and let a gay character turn u off, (one of the many sins they are presenting to the world) I say to you the gay not be ur ONLY issue...

    U can start by reading the bible it will tell u that all these things are not the way intended for fAmily values.

    With all that said, the show is still very entertaining to me and ive come to love the characters. I enjoy the realness of unfortunately homosexuality is a big part of our culture today with all the other issues of the world i love the show and would like for season

    :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  • Constantly talking over each other!

    In the beginning I liked this show but eventually I started to notice how odd the script and writing is. I actually wonder if there is a script or if the actors are just given a subject or scenario and then are told to improv through and around it. This causes constant talking over each other and often seems like arguing. It's so distracting and drives me crazy. Some scenes are just chaotic. I get what they're trying to do.. trying to make it seem natural but it doesn't seem natural. It's jumbled and messy. Does anyone else notice this?

    Also... Can they just be a regular everyday family without constant trauma, illnesses and issues!
  • To counteract the bigots

    Just wanted to put a review here to counteract the bigots. Being gay is not a "lifestyle", and there are many families out there thrilled to see some gay characters on the show. This show is funny, it has heart, and I adore it!
  • Losing a viewer

    The gay girls really a turn off. Show was great without this! You had the perfect exciting family show! Totally ruined that!
  • The Waltons in the 22nd century.

    This is an outstanding family show. It shows the day to day obsticles that today's family typically runs into; much like the Walton family did in the 70's. I enjoy the various sub-plots that each cast memeber brings to the series. Is the good girl really bad and the bad really Is there really another woman in dad's past? Ron Howard continues to deliver good quality TV for the entire family to watch. I hope this series continues for many years to come; I can't wait for the Christmas special; see how many tears this show can bring to my eyes...

    4/2//14 update: please keep this show coming!!
  • Losing a faithful viewer

    Parenthood was my family's favorite show until the finale last week. If you are going to shove the gay lifestyle down our throats like so many other shows are doing (that we also quit watching) we won't be returning to your show next season!!!! That storyline is not necessary for this show to be a success!
  • Loss of a weekly fan.

    My wife an I watch the show faithfully every week. if something comes up we record it. But the writers have finally gone to far as it is no longer about family but about lifestyles. Why couldn't you just focus on the family instead of going outside of their lives I guess their imaginations couldn't or is the sponsors forcing us to accept their idea of what is right. I have always believed in live and let live and I believe each of us in the end have to answer for or lives but I am tired of having things shoved down my throat by television shows. It was a really good show with a great cast.

    Please renew PARENTHOOD. I love, love, love this show! Can't get enough of it!

  • disappointed

    Haddie is now all of a sudden a lesbian???? That's ridiculous. I used to love the show, but now I wonder if the writers have run out of material and are trying to find new ways to shock us. They try to deal with TOO many of life's issues for one show, to the point where it gets to be unbelievable.. They should just stick with the simple aspects of being a family, full of ups and downs but without having to rely on these out of the blue, random story lines. Disappointed fan.
  • best show ever

    I love this show. It just gets better & better every week.
  • Still love it, but . . .

    They should change the name of the show to Everybody Loves Hank.
  • One of the best dramas

    It is great to see a drama that is more than about teenage love. It's about people.

    So I was with the show since the begining and so much has happened in 5 short years already. It is secretly fast paced if you look back at what has happened since then.

    This season is one of my favorites.

    Every episode i watch and i think "Wow, this show is good!". Yes, Maddie is mysteriously absent from the show now, but besides that, it's really wonderful. It tackles some heavy stuff and can leave you near tears at times. The writing and acting is absolutely superb. I feel like the show does not get the attention it rightfully deserves.

    I love this show. I have watched every episode and I am very disappointed with this missing family member. Were did Maddie go, she went off to school never to be heard from again. Really no phone calls or emails. She was a big part of the show and to be written out, with out really being written out sucks, really sucks.. Adam and Christina had three kids and now there are two with out any explanation.
  • Anther great show

    Keep it going
  • I love this show!!

    I really love the acting.. its real and raw~ And its the true example of what a family is all about! Being there for each y did Julia's HOT Husband leave ??? Bring him back... lol but yeah love this Show!
  • I look forward to it every week...

    What a fantastic show. As others have said, it just draws you in and is so relatable. There are so many layers of realistic family dynamics going on. I can relate to nearly every character as they either remind me of myself, my parents, or my kids. Because your loved ones don't always tell you how they are feeling or what they are going through, this show also opens my eyes to the issues that certain family members can face. I often find myself thinking "hmm, I wonder if my mom (or husband, etc) ever feels like that".

    Just watch it once and you'll be hooked.
  • Most relatable tv show I have EVER SEEN

    I absolutely LOVE how this show has so many scenarios that could happen in a "normal" person's every day life. The husband-wife relationship, the parent-child relationship, and the sibling-sibling relationship... they are all so relatable!! When one of the couples has an argument, I feel like I can legitimately see both sides of it. Or when an adult-aged child and her mother don't see eye to eye on the daughters marriage (Sara and Amber), I can honestly see Sara's true concern for her daughter, but I can understand how the daughter wants her mother to support her because she loves her fianc! You gotta love all the characters, they're great. Right now I'm dying to see the next episode because Julia seems to be getting a little too attached to Ed, and I'm getting nervous for her and Joel's relationship!

    I just love how this show is about REAL family situations, and not superheroes, reality tv stars, blood and violence, and sex sex sex. I get SO tired of practically EVERY tv show having sexual innuendoes non-stop throughout the show. I mean, REALLY?! I love this show and will keep watching it for as long as they air it!

    I LOVE Parenthood. The cast is FANTASTIC and the story is WONDERFUL! I think this family show brings together reality of family life. Each family has such character and it is so easy to get involved in each family and the family as a whole also. Craig T. Nelson and Bonnie Bedella are a perfect fit for parents of this family. I am so connected to this show.... I watch it with excitement to see what's going to happen on that episode and I find myself trying to guess what's happening to see if I'm right. The one person I do not like on this series is RAY ROMANO! He does not fit into this series and I DO NOT WANT LAUREN GRAHAM (Sarah) to fall in love with him. He should go back to comedy because he can't play a serious role.
  • The Madness of Family

    I feel like that is what this whole show is about. Finding the quiet moments in the chaos that is family and life. Everytime they all get together, or basically more than two family members are in the same room, madness ensues. And that's pretty much how it is with big families. But it's the quiet moments that matter and what make this show so brilliant. Real conversations, about life, about the kids, about where to go and what to do. Think don't happen . Big decisions take time to get to and may not always work out. The show is optimistic in its own way of course, but also doesn't shy away from showing real drama. Anyway. I LOVE this show and the new season feels like coming home. So excited we're getting a FULL season!
  • Stop the social propoganda

    I absolutely love this show or should I now say LOVED? I felt like I was watching ONE BIG social propoganda message from recycling to breastfeeding in public or gluten free pizza or what about the parenting neurosis we are pushing?? double geesh!! Craig T Nelsons character remains my favorite and he proves in a world of insanity the SANE man appears to be insane just stick to family situations and leave the political correctness and social messages OUT OF ENTERTAINMENT or I will soon be a fan of the past, wouldnt be the first time I stop watching a show that turns into a propoganda machine these days....
  • A Show to Relate to

    This is one of the very few tv shows I look forward to watching.

    Wish there were more shows like this on tv; not all those stupid reality shows.

    It would be fantastic if there were more episodes per season.

    I think it portrays real family dramas pretty good.

    The characters talking over each other can get a bit chaotic for me; I have to turn the volume down at times due to that.

    Yet all in all, I really like this show.
  • Seriously great show

    I love this show - and so do my parents. Which is pretty amazing for them to agree with because I"m pretty sure they still live in a time where British TV shows are the best. But in this case, they have conceded that THIS show tops the list, and I agree. Brilliantly cast, this show tackles every day issues with cleverness. Max Burkholder does the most phenominal job of playing Max, and Mae Whitman portrays Amber beautifully. I wanted to focus on the two "children/teenagers" because the adults will always get praise. I definitely recommend this series and would say to those on the fence about giving it a shot - just watch the first episode. It was enough to have me hooked and so many others! I hope they continue with a Season 5.
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