Parenthood - Season 1

Thursday 10:00 PM on PBS Premiered Mar 02, 2010 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Lost And Found
    Episode 13
    Tensions between Sarah and Amber reach a boiling point that leads Sarah to go to Mr. Cyr to discuss Amber's problems. Elsewhere, Crosby has to decide between his new family or his old one. Zeek tries to win back Camille. Meanwhile, Julia trying to help Zeek out arranges a dinner meeting for him.moreless
  • Team Braverman
    Episode 12
    A family walk for autism is jeopardized when Sarah and Adam fight over Haddie's behavior. The secret anger between Haddie and Amber comes to a head and divides the family in two. Meanwhile, Julia is forced to be on the Angel committee at Sydney's school where she had to take care of a single mom recovering from a breast augmentation. Elsewhere, Crosby is at risk of losing Jasmine to New York after she auditions for a dance company.moreless
  • Solace
    Episode 11
    Zeek crashes with Adam and Kristina, while Camille focuses on her art and not on her husband. Julia tries to get her father out of debt with the help an old college flame. Meanwhile, Amber feels guilty after betraying Haddie, and Crosby thinks about settling down with Jasmine and Jabbar.
  • Namaste No More
    Episode 10
    Crosby and Jasmine relationship heats up and they have to figure out how to tell Jabbar. Adam and Kristina search for friends but find that it's not as simple as they thought. Sarah learns about her father's financial problems. Meanwhile, Julia coaches Sydney's soccer team and Haddie turns to Amber for sex advice.moreless
  • Perchance to Dream
    Episode 9
    Kristina is excited by the opportunity to help an old acquaintance run for Lieutenant Governor in Sacramento, but doesn't feel hip enough among the young generation of campaign workers. Meanwhile, Jasmine and Crosby agree to go on an official date.
  • Rubber Band Ball
    Episode 8
    Amber's ex-boyfriend Damien comes to town. Zeek takes Adam on a road trip to give him some investment advice and father-son bonding. Meanwhile, Julia and Joel worry that Sydney also suffers from Asperger's and Crosby tries to help with Jabbar's birthday party.
  • 4/13/10
    Sarah and Amber are both attracted to Amber's teacher, while Crosby tries to have a romantic moment with Valerie, but because he can't leave Jabbar alone too long the moment doesn't turn out that well. Meanwhile Julia thinks about doing pro bono work, but she's sure that her boss will not approve it. While Adam really needs a break from everyone.moreless
  • The Big O
    Episode 6
    Max gets a new behavioral aide that really works for him and for the sex life between Adam and Kristina. Sarah feels confused about dating Amber's teacher. Julia and Joel have a revealing talk about Julia's jealousy. Meanwhile, Crosby tries to tell his parents that he has a son.
  • The Situation
    Episode 5
    Drew helps Adam connect with his son Max, when Max rejoins the baseball team. Sarah makes a new friend, Amber's English teacher, Mr. Cyr. Meanwhile, Crosby feels pressured to have a baby sooner than he thought and Julia tries to teach Sydney self-protection.
  • Whassup
    Episode 4
    Adam and Kristina try to find out about Haddies secret boyfriend. Sarah doesn't know how to talk to Drew about becoming a man. Meanwhile, Crosby has a little incident with Jabbar and Julia and Joel are not too sure they can let Amber baby-sit for them.
  • 3/16/10
    Adam and Kristina face challenges as Max gets kicked out of school and are forced to find a new way to educate him. Sarah's relationship with Jim comes to an end while Crosby and Jabaar spend the day bonding.
  • Man Versus Possum
    Episode 2
    Adam and Kristina try to cope with their son's Asperger's Syndrome. Sarah is job hunting with the help of Zeek that pushes her to dream big. Meanwhile, Crosby bonds with his son and Julia deals with a difficult mom from Sydney's school.
  • Pilot
    Episode 1
    We are introduced to the very unique Braveman family. Single mom Sarah, and her two kids Amber and Drew, are moving back home with Sarah's parents Zeek and Camille. Julia, Sarah's sister and complete opposite is a successful attorney trying to do both, work and motherhood, alongside her stay-at-home husband, Joel. Sarah's younger brother, Crosby is a commitment-phobe who must accept adult responsabilities when his old flame Jasmine shows up with a kid. Meanwhile, the older sibling of the Bravemans, Adam, his wife Kristina and their teenage daughter Haddie learn that their little boy, Max has Asperger's Syndrome. Although each sibling has its own problems, this reunion may be the push they needed to help each other with the challenges that every family faces while raising children and starting over.moreless