Parenthood - Season 4

NBC (ended 2015)




Episode Guide

  • 1/22/13

    Jasmine and Crosby receive exciting news as they plan an anniversary escapade. Adam and Kristina get ready for the next phase of her treatment. Elsewhere, Drew gets feedback on his college applications while Amber and Ryan talk about the future of their relationship. Meanwhile Joel and Julia plan an event for the entire Braverman family and Sarah has to make a choice between Mark and Hank.

  • 1/15/13

    Mark and Sarah sit and talk about their relationship which worries Hank. Joel and Julia discuss the long-terms effects of Victor's adoption. Meanwhile, Crosby and Jasmine become frustrated when Renee oversteps her boundaries.

  • Small Victories
    Episode 13

    After Drew and Amy receive some news that will change their relationship forever, Mark decides to reach Sarah and express his concerns. New parenting dilemmas arise for Adam and Kristina as Max faces his teenager years. Crosby grows impatient with Renee which causes conflict with Jasmine. Julia and Joel question their parenting abilities when Victor becomes confrontational towards them.

  • Keep On Rowing
    Episode 12

    Hank and Sarah begin to date properly while Kristina makes a courageous move and surprises Adam with both a new look and a night out. Meanwhile, Renee faces hard times and Jasmine and Crosby help her with some financial problems. Victor is disappointed on Julia when she gives him news about his mother.

  • 12/11/12
    The holiday incites a mix of emotions as Adam and Kristina experience a health scare while Crosby and Jasmine celebrate their first Christmas together as a family. Sarah is torn between her feelings for Mark and her evolving relationship with Hank. Amber and Ryan face challenges in their relationship. Meanwhile, Zeek helps to restore belief in a childhood hero.moreless
  • 12/4/12

    Sarah's attempts to help Hank reconnect with his family begin to undermine Mark's patience; Julia turns to Kristina for advice when Victor gets frustrated with school. Adam and Crosby do their best to save the Luncheonette as they are engaged in a legal battle with their ill-tempered neighbor and record an album for Glen Hansard.

  • 11/27/12

    Julia struggles with her new role as a stay at home mom while supporting Joel's ambitions while Crosby faces a disruptive neighbor who threatens the future of the Luncheonette. Mark and Sarah can't agree on relationship and parenting issues. Elsewhere, Max learns that being the new student council President brings about making difficult decisions but he counts on his parents' encouragement to take advantage of every new experience. Amber tries to help Ryan with his career.

  • 11/20/12

    Crosby and Jasmine organize an event for Jabbar's school, working on their life as a married couple as they go along. Amber gets to learn more about Ryan's past during a spontaneous road trip while Adam and Kristina plan a sleepover for Max. Meanwhile, Julia and Joel do their best to conciliate Victor and Sydney's different needs. Their first parenting dilemma triggers some questions in Sarah and Mark's relationship.

  • Together
    Episode 7

    Amber and Ryan's relationship has Sarah and Zeek worried about them while Julia gets focused on Victor's happiness and trying to build a bond with him. Adam and Kristina deal with the difficulties brought about by her continuing treatment so Camille and Crosby step in to help and take on additional responsibilities. Drew tries to reconnect with Amy after their recent break up.

  • I'll Be Right Here
    Episode 6

    Kristina is devastated upon learning that Max has to give his speech in his bid for class president on the same day as her surgery while Adam fights to contain his nervous energy. Sarah's decision to move the family into Mark's apartment doesn't sit well with Drew. Elsewhere, Ryan asks Amber on a date.

  • 10/9/12

    Adam and Crosby fight over money after the later questions his ownership share in the recording studio. Growing anxiety and a mistake made at work force Julia to prioritize her life and make a big decision while Joel becomes nervous for Victor's debut at the Little League game. Kristina informs the family about her health issue and everyone rallies around her. Sarah is caught in a sensitive moment with Hank and a conversation is in order.

  • The Talk
    Episode 4

    Kristina and Adam don't agree about whether they should allow Max run for class president. Despite Adam's reservations, Kristina encourages Max even though she might not have the time to help him. Meanwhile, Crosby and Jasmine need to sit with their son and have "the talk" after Jabbar hears the "n" word. Sarah grows closer to her new boss while entertaining his daughter and Zeek finds a potential new friend in someone younger. Victor joins in an after school activity giving Julia and Joel a glimpse of what their future family could be.

  • 9/25/12

    Kristina needs to go through surgery and worries about her own fears turning to Adam and the family for emotional support while Max becomes obsessed about a vending machine that has been removed from his school. The Braverman family starts considering the notion that it has become time for Zeek to stop driving. Sarah is surprised by the outcome after confronting her boss.

  • Left Field
    Episode 2

    While adapting to the new family situation with the arrival of Victor, Julia chooses an unusual way to communicate her love to her son. Meanwhile, Crosby and Jasmine put their best effort together to establish structures and boundaries to their marriage. Sarah's new boss Hank helps her understand Drew's feelings. Kristina receives news that may change her life forever and convince Adam to fill a missing void in the household.

  • Family Portrait
    Episode 1

    Before Haddie leaves home for college, the Bravermans gather to take a family portrait. Meanwhile, Adam, Kristina and Max all have a hard time adapting to Haddie going away. Meanwhile, Julia and Joel don't know how to react to the behavior of their newly adopted son and worry about the future of their family. Newlyweds Jasmine and Crosby disagree on how to teach Jabbar about spiritual beliefs. Mark wants to prove to Sarah that he can commit himself to her by changing a family tradition, while she tries to show photographer Hank Rizzoli that she is worth something. Also, Amber tries to get a new job at the recording studio.

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