Season 4 Episode 13

Small Victories

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 08, 2013 on PBS

Episode Recap

Crosby has to go to the bathroom, but Renee is in the bathroom and he doesn't want to knock. Crosby debates peeing in the sink, but soon enough Renee does exit the bathroom and she heads to a job interview. Kristina comes into Max's room and notices a strong revolting smell. She realizes that Max's showering schedule that runs on Tuesday and Saturday may not actually be enough. She tells Max to take a shower but he protests.

Julia makes pancakes for Victor and Sydney. Victor is still defying Julia and even slips out some bad words. Sydney continues to tattle on Victor, which also annoys Julia. Victor says his real mom always got him fast food breakfasts, but Julia is not willing to do that. Drew drives Amy to school, telling her that he can get tickets to a concert that's coming up. Amy is quiet and after a few minutes, struggles to say that she is pregnant. Drew wants to talk about it but Amy has to go to class. Mark, who's still working at the high school, overhears the end of their conversation.

Kristina and Adam try to tell Max that he's getting older and needs to take a shower. Adam tries to explain that hormones cause things to change when you go through puberty and Max agrees, he even shows his parents the hair under his arm. Finally, he gets in the shower. After first period, Mark tries to talk to Drew, but Drew doesn't say much. Mark says that Amy didn't show up for class, which is highly unusual. Crosby gets home and finds the temperature ramped up, slippers askew, and his family already eating. Renee has prepared some trout as well, which Crosby is not so fond of. Renee says her interview didn't go that well today.

Back at Joel and Julia's house, Julia continues to have a hard time getting Victor to come to the table and eat. Joel comes down the stairs and says that Victor doesn't want to eat. Julia stands now and tells Joel that she will end this hunger strike but Joel laments that Victor is again testing her. When they get up to Victor's room, they find him eating stolen candy from Julia's closet. This gets Julia even more upset and she tries to take the bucket away from him, which pulls him off the bed and onto the floor. Although an accident, Victor doesn't look too happy. Later on, Amy heads out of her house to talk to Drew. Amy says she called Planned Parenthood and made an appointment on Wednesday. Drew asks if she is going to tell her parents, who are just arriving home. Amy's dad comes to say hi and Drew awkwardly tries to deflect news about their situation.

Sarah and Hank are touching up some photos together in the studio. Mark interrupts them and mentions that Drew has been really upset at school over the past few days. Mark says it is serious and that it involves Amy. Sarah is thankful for the information. Mark makes a quick exit. At the recording studio, Crosby and Adam prepare for their next guest. Crosby ignores his phone because he knows it is Renee. Crosby listens to the message left by Renee and it sounds like she has gotten a job. Adam and Crosby are equally happy. Sarah checks on Drew when she gets home and he is clearly unsettled. She says that Mark came to see her and mentioned Drew. Drew tries to deflect again but Sarah tries to ask a couple more questions. Drew says they are both worrying about college applications.

Zeek and Camille head over to Kristina's house where Max has now picked up some knowledge about puberty. Meanwhile, at Julia's house, two police officers show up and tell her that they are investigating a possible case of child abuse. Shocked, Julia tries to calmly assert herself. She hasn't done anything wrong. The officers also want to talk to Victor and Sydney separately.

When Crosby gets home, he finds out that Renee actually didn't take the job because, as Jasmine, reassures, the benefits were not that great. Back at Joel and Julia's, the officers leave without pressing any charges. They understand that Victor may have exaggerated and Joel thanks them for coming anyway. Julia is still very upset, more so on the sad side. She tells Joel to talk to Victor initially because she can't even look at him right now.

Kristina wakes Adam up with some sexual development questions of her own. Adam is a little startled at this, coming at about 6 AM in the morning, but agrees that they probably need to have the talk with Max. That's probably going to be a bit difficult. Meanwhile, Amy and Drew try to take in what their options are. Drew and Amy later reflect in the car. Amy wants to make an appointment for an abortion. Drew says they can have the baby. He says that will support her either way though. Amy says she needs help coming up with the money for the abortion.

Hank asks Sarah how Drew is. Sarah says that it's probably due to college applications. Hank therefore says that Mark didn't really need to come by then. Drew tells Amber about Amy and she is there to support him and also lend him some the money. Drew says he doesn't want to give the baby up but he also wants to respect Amy's decision. So he does and she soon sees a doctor.

Julia and Joel try to talk to Victor about calling the police. Victor again defies Julia and she goes inside. Joel tells Victor that it's not okay regarding what he did. Adam, meanwhile, talks to Max about growing up and puberty, and girls as well. Max says that he's not like other boys, but Adam suggests that some of these feelings are sexual feelings. Max suddenly says that he's not ready to talk about that stuff yet. Adam respects this and asks Max to tell him when he is ready to talk about it. Crosby continues to adjust living with Renee. Now Jasmine's brother has come over to do laundry, which Renee actually still does for him.

Drew and Amy are driving back from their appointment. When she gets home, Amy says to give her some space. Back at home, Kristina is happy about Max's new smell. Adam tells Kristina that they stopped at the sex talk. Kristina says that Max will have relationships eventually; they just have to give it time.

Meanwhile, Sarah goes over to Mark's apartment. She brings over some stuff that she had left over at her house. She says Drew is fine as well. Sarah says that she hates having to make up excuses to talk to Mark. Mark smiles. This muffin tin is definitely not his, he says. Mark laments that he gave up too easily. It was hard for him to see the two of them together in the photo studio. Crosby begins to get frustrated with Renee's job search. Renee apologizes; it's just that she has worked for 30 years, only to have her job disappear as a budget cut. Renee begins to get upset and now Crosby feels horrible for bringing this up.

Julia greets Loretta, the Victor's case social worker, at the door. Loretta has only praise for Julia and Joel and says that it takes time. Julia says it seems to be getting worse, but Joel tries to set her straight. Loretta asks whether Julia is suggesting that she cannot go through with the adoption anymore. Joel is shocked as she watches Julia say that she doesn't know if she can do it. Joel leaves the room. Sarah, meanwhile, gets a visit of her own. It's Drew this time. He's crying and can't get the words out of his mouth. Sarah asks what's wrong and hugs him at the door.