Season 4 Episode 13

Small Victories

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 08, 2013 on PBS

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  • Sarah

    Am I the only one who thinks Sarah is so incredibly annoying?
  • #413 'Small Victories'

    Definitely weaker than last week's episode but still more than great. I loved the fact that Julia finally realized how much she's being despised by Victor. If she decides to give him up it may seriously put her marriage in jeopardy since Joel seems to like him and he has been getting along with him. Mr. Cyr witnesses Drew and his girlfriend having an argument in school and lets Sarah know that there might be something going on with him. His visit at the studio upsets Hank a little bit and Sara is flattered that he's jealous of her but she might still have feelings for Mark. Meanwhile her son Drew experiences the most stressful days of his life. His girlfriend Amy is pregnant and even though he offers to help her with the baby once it's born she refuses and asks him for money to have an abortion. They go in a couple of days later and she asks him to give her some space and time to think about everything after the procedure is done. Drew then knocks on his mom's door crying and he probably tells her all about it. Kristina and Adam were more of a B-story this week and they were trying to teach Max some important things about puberty. There was one great scene involving Max and his grandparents where he asks Zeek what exactly a wet dream is and if there's water involved. [8.0/10]