Season 5 Episode 7

Speaking of Baggage

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 07, 2013 on NBC

Episode Recap

Natalie knocks on Drew's door and tells him that she is a little drunk. Drew's roommate is not around so Natalie kisses him. She closes the door and they keep kissing making their way toward the bed. Meanwhile, at the Lunchonette, the band is still struggling to put their album together. Crosby is frustrated but tells the band to take 10 minutes. The lead singer and Crosby get into an argument over the mixing. Amber is there and tries to break the two up. Julia comes downstairs and checks her voicemail. There's a message from Ed telling her about his latest rejection email. Julia decides to visit Joel at work at the construction office. Joel apologizes for his late night at work, but instead of talking Julia proceeds to remove her coat. She only has lingerie on underneath. They start kissing in the construction office.

­Drew takes his shower and Natalie comes into the co-ed bathroom. She is feeling very hung over and immediately goes for a shower. Camille gives Zeek an overview of the bills and his medications because she's heading out for a month with her art class. Max continues studying photography with Hank when he finds a photo of Sarah in there. Max suggests that keeping photos like this may be a sign that Hank is a serial killer, jokingly. Hank tries to deflect questions about Sarah but he mentions that Hank and Sarah once dated. Hank says they both had "baggage", stuff you bring into relationships, which could cause them to end.

Amber continues to treat the band at the Lunchonette to lunches and snacks. Ryan comes by to tell Amber that his friend Franklin can come to be their witness at City Hall. Amber tells him that they actually don't need to rush anymore because they can plan a real wedding again. Ryan is okay with this. At a family dinner over at Camille and Zeek's, Julia updates the family about Joel's construction project. Max announces that Hank has a photo of Sarah in his drawer. The family cracks up and they start to discuss Hank. Camille announces that she is going to Italy for one month. Crosby is elated because this is Zeek's perfect vacation. But Camille says that Zeek is not going. After this, the dinner table grows quiet.

Sarah visits Hank to find out how he is doing. Hank says he is doing well. Sarah maintains that their relationship is over and has heard about the photo. Hank tries to explain that Max was asking the questions. Sarah says that he doesn't have to answer all of his questions. Hank starts saying that maybe Max shouldn't come by anymore then. Sarah leaves. Adam listens to the demo Crosby has prepared. Both are not happy with all of the results so far. Amber laments that hearing them live was better and suggests having an audience for the band so that the lead singer can really get his performance shoes on. Amber has already prepared a website for the band and offers to get the ball rolling on this project. Crosby and Adam are elated.

Julia, Sarah, Adam, and Crosby discuss their parents at a nearby coffee shop. They try to find out why Zeek is not going with Camille. Crosby, Adam, and Sarah start criticizing Zeek, saying that he doesn't even know how to go shopping. Julia states that it's not all about Zeek; that Camille has been having a hard time talking to Zeek about things. Drew finds Natalie in the hallway and suggests that they go to the Lunchonette for the live recording. Julia finds a mess in the living and flips out on the kids. Sydney and Victor are shocked but do as told, cleaning up their mess. Julia calls Joel outside and breaks down, saying that she is having a hard time dealing with Joel being away so much. Joel calmly replies that he knows it's stressful but he has to go. Meanwhile, Ed sends another playful message to her and this brightens her up.

Kristina catches up with Amber at the Lunchonette. The wedding planning has been very stressful, Amber says, and she asks Kristina how Adam proposed to her. Kristina says that Adam proposed the day after Valentine's Day. They were both in grad school and it was a month after they had been living together. Adam reached out and grabbed her hand and asked Kristina if she wanted to spend the rest of their life together. Amber gets teary-eyed. Kristina leaves to meet with Heather. Julia brings over a carry-on luggage for Camille to take with her to Italy. Julia is proud that Camille is doing this and she is too.

At the Lunchonette, Amber takes the lead in organizing. She invites the crowd of people into the studio and thanks people for coming. Ryan arrives and Amber spots him. The lead singer of the band is apparently in the washroom. Crosby and Adam try to question Drew about Natalie. She doesn't come alone as he thought she would. Crosby gets into the recording studio and the lead singer finally starts the track. It's finally 100% effort from the lead singer, the start of a fantastic track. Crosby arranges and mixes. Amber motions encouragement from the recording booth. Natalie chats with Drew afterwards. Natalie says she and her friends are heading to a party now. Drew doesn't want to come. Natalie hopes he isn't unhappy about the previous night, she just isn't looking for a relationship and calls their night a college "hookup". Drew looks disappointed when she leaves. Ryan congratulates Amber but something seems to be worrying him.

Adam visits Zeek to talk about this Italy trip while he works on the car. Zeek says he doesn't want to go to Italy that's the simple answer. But Adam says there must be something else. Well, Zeek gets up and says that Camille wants to sell the house and that he's upset. Adam can now see what's going on here. Zeek continues ranting that this is his home and that he doesn't want to move. Adam suggests that people Zeek's age do downsize and do consider moving into condos. Adam says that Zeek should go to Italy and open his mind to the possibilities, telling him to "suck it up". Zeek says the real reason he's not going is because Camille did not invite him. Adam is shocked to hear this.

Julia has practically given up on job searching but she calls Ed for a boost. Julia admits that everything is not all right, she confesses that things have been stressful. Ed listens. During the conversation, Julia is not sure if he is just trying to be a friend or something more. Hank visits Sarah to say that he likes Max and he wants to continue teaching him photography. It's good for Hank too. They part ways, for now… Ryan gives Amber a magnificent ring. The first time Ryan asked her to marry him; it was impulsive because he had just got back from Afghanistan. Ryan says that he has thought about it more and more and he knows that he wants Amber to be his wife. Amber is shocked because she doesn't know how he can afford the ring. Ryan says that it's okay because he gets extra pay from his combat duty.

Natalie decides to knock on Drew's door again for more casual hookup sex. Drew says he is confused but doesn't refuse to allow Natalie in. They head inside and close the door. Meanwhile, Camille brings her luggage to the waiting taxi. Zeek hugs her and wishes her well. Camille gets in the cab, but gets out again to kiss Zeek one more time before she leaves. Zeek waves goodbye and the taxi takes her away. Zeek sits alone in the house, not sure what to do now. He opens a set of windows only to set the alarm off.

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