Season 1 Episode 12

Team Braverman

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 18, 2010 on PBS

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  • Really Hits the Spot

    Im impressed how well they've shown autism/asperger's. The social akwardness of Max, his inability to talk about anything but that which interests him, how difficult it is for him to understand other children. My younger brother was diagnosed with Autism at 3, and now he's considered high functioning, but watching this episode is like watching a day-by-day portrayal of all the problems, issues, needs and even Joy amongst it all, that I grew up with. I mean autistic children have been many times portrayed within films and perhaps even Television, but they are always focused on moderate to severe cases, where you can barely hold contact with the person and they are completely socially inept. It's rare to find an example in television and movies of the ordeals with high-functioning autistic kids, and those with asperger's, because oftentimes its a completely different issue, such as conversational skills and fixation on specific interests and verbal tantrums. The way max shows strong emotions in response to things people say to him shows really well how dealing with high functioning autism becomes really situation-oriented, rather than a general coping method. This episode almost brought me to tears because of how much it mirrors reality.