Season 1 Episode 3

The Deep End Of The Pool

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 16, 2010 on NBC
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Adam and Kristina face challenges as Max gets kicked out of school and are forced to find a new way to educate him. Sarah's relationship with Jim comes to an end while Crosby and Jabaar spend the day bonding.

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  • In this episode, the comedy kicks in for real, and I found myself laughing out load more than once. And then suddenly, as have happened in the two previous episodes, there is a lump in my throat.moreless

    The ep starts of with a bad break-up. Sarah finds that she can not date a man that below her in number (She is a 9 he is - a 4?) So she breaks up with him at his work, a coffee shop, giving him its not you its me routine. So far so good. When she hits the car, it breaks down, and so does her mobile phone. To go back into the coffee-shop to ask for a phone-call, where ALL his co-workers has been told about the bad break-up, is hilariously tragic.

    At her brothers house, he gets a phone-call from max's school saying he has been kicked out, due to ruining an aquarium that made a disturbing sound. (Typical asperger move) So then the hunt for a new school that will fit Max (with aspergers) needs begins. In this mess, his sisters football team is having a big match. Witch they win. Witch nobody sees, because its forgotten because of Max an his asperger issues. The scene where Max sister speaks to her father about this problem, and that its not a NEW problem, its been going on for years, and he tells her he understands that, and sees her, well, the lump in the throat is there. Also Crosby is with his new_found_out son takes him to work in his music studio. There the kid ruins a knob on the equalizer(?)and runs off to hide. Crosby girlfriend shows up unexpectedly and Crosby chickens out when it comes to tell her about his new_found_out son. The kid hears him lying. But later he says to him that he understand his scared because that was just why he himself run away after ruining the knob on the equalizer. So they bond. Lump in throat no. two.

    I could go on about the episode, but that is the highlights I guess. The episode ends with Sarah going back to her no. 4 boyfriend who immidiedly take her back (off course, she's a 9) Id rather see her with looser-husband, hope we get to see more of him...moreless

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    • Zeek: You're not gonna cry over this piece of junk, are you?
      Sarah: No.
      Zeek: Okay.
      Sarah: I know it's a bad car. It's just... Amber said her first word in it... "no". Drew came within two blocks of being born in it. It hardly ever worked, but the day I needed to move them out of Seth's, it started on the first try.

    • Sarah: Dad, why do you have condoms in the office?
      Zeek: (he pauses) I don't want to talk to you about that.

    • Adam: Is it okay if we just talk while I answer some emails, and I kind of half-listen to you?
      Julia: Yeah, that'll work.
      Adam: Okay.
      Julia: Okay, so...
      Adam: What's up?
      Julia: Joel has Sydney in this Zen swimming class, which is basically a joke.
      Adam: Right.
      Julia: And then there's Raquel, which is just...
      Adam: Wait, Raquel the hot one?
      Julia: Is she hot? I hadn't noticed.

    • Crosby: This kid thing is stressing me out.
      Adam: Come on, man, you had Jabbar for what, half a day?
      Crosby: You know, whatever. You had a little warm-up. You know, you got to see your bun bake in the oven. My kid came out talking and walking-- a three-foot-tall little candy land master.

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    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Jak na věc (About A Boy)

    • Music:
      Wilco (The Song) by Wilco
      Make You Crazy by Brett Dennen
      The Whip by Locksley
      Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear
      Shine On by The Kooks
      Second Lieutenant" by Happy Hollows
      In The End by Ida Maria
      Alice Marble Gray by Califone
      The Swimming Song by Loudon Wainwright III

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: March 16, 2010 on Citytv
      Sweden: June 17, 2010 on TV3
      Norway: September 6, 2010 on TV3
      Czech Republic: March 24, 2011 on Prima LOVE
      United Kingdom: April 21, 2011 on 5*
      Finland: June 23, 2011 on MTV3