Season 5 Episode 8

The Ring

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 14, 2013 on PBS

Episode Recap

Zeek is living the life without Camille around. He grabs the paper in his robe, eating ice cream and smoking a cigar. He plays golf, watches the football game, and waves to the neighbors. Crosby finds out that Jabbar wants to take ballet lessons. Julia and Joel have to go to a meeting at the school regarding Victor's progress. Joel again tries to calm Julia down. Amber grabs lunch again for the band and Crosby. They all check out the massive ring on Amber's finger. Amber tries to shrug them off. Sarah gets invited to a party by Carl, the 40-something male tenant that she continues to avoid. Heather briefs Kristina on the latest poll numbers and they are surprisingly just two points behind Bob Little. The campaign team is extremely excited. But they suddenly get a call from someone and they need to find Adam. Adam is confronted by reporters while jogging regarding his assault on someone a couple of years ago (a man told him that Max was a "retard" and Adam punched him).

Adam reviews the videos later on with Heather. She doesn't think it's that bad, but advises Adam to stay out of the way. Kristina admits that she actually told Bob Little about this two years ago when she was working with him. Heather wonders if they can attack back but Kristina doesn't want to do anything negative to Bob Little. Ryan asks how Amber's day went with the big ring on her finger. Amber is still trying to process it. She looks uneasy. Sarah comes to check on Zeek as he sprays whipped cream into cereal. Sarah has brought some real food for him.

Crosby asks Jabbar how his ballet class went. He is surprised to learn that Jabbar really likes it. Back at the school, Julia tries to get information out of Victor's teacher regarding his progress in school. She tells the teacher that she hasn't been sleeping and the teacher tells her that Victor will have to move back to the fourth grade. Julia thanks the teacher for at least telling her. Ed consoles her at the school. Julia is soon off to tell Joel.

Kristina visits Bob Little at his campaign office. She sternly tells him that what she did regarding Adam was wrong. Kristina does not want to share anything she has on Bob Little. Bob says to go ahead, she won't do it. Kristina tells Adam at home. Adam thinks it could definitely do damage. Kristina does not want to name Amber in this bombshell, however. Carl comes by to pick up a delivery of wine from Sarah for his party. Kristina calls Amber over to talk about the Bob Little situation. Amber says she can handle the media if Kristina goes ahead with the news about Bob Little. Amber shows Kristina the ring. Kristina says to be happy but Amber is worried about paying for the ring.

Julia tells Joel after the kids are sent to do homework. Joel scolds Julia for not waiting until Friday to have the meeting together. Julia defied him again. Joel says the principal is an idiot but Julia states she wanted to move him back to the fourth grade at the beginning of the year. Things blow up. Joel says Julia has been making a series of bad decisions. Julia bursts into tears. Crosby tells Adam about the ballet. Adam says that kids are not going to be interested in everything parents want them to be interested in. Max was interested in bugs, so Adam had to get interested in that.

Julia tells Sydney that Victor's situation is complicated and that nothing is decided just yet. Sydney says that Julia and Joel have been fighting lately. Julia says they are just disagreeing and that they are just trying to discuss things. Heather shows Adam and Kristina another spun article regarding Adam and Kristina thanks to the Bob Little campaign. Amber and Ryan are out and she wants to talk about how much money it was to buy this ring. Amber asks him whether they can change the ring and save some of that money for something else. Ryan agrees but Amber is not sure if he is upset.

Jasmine loves the ballet classes with Jabbar. Crosby says is not "not cool" with the whole ballet thing, but he says that everything will be fine. Crosby brings the newborn to watch some football, hoping to influence the second child. Even though it's Saturday, Joel is heading to work for at least a little while. Julia runs after Joel outside and says that they need to work together and get on the same page. Joel says he will be there for Victor. Sarah heads back out to Zeek's house to spend some time with him. Zeek wonders why Sarah is even staying in tonight when it's a Saturday. Sarah says she was invited to a party but isn't going. Zeek says Sarah has changed and she should be out and about having her adventures. Sarah says she will go to that party at Carl's apartment.

Kristina briefs the media regarding the recent attacks on her and Adam. Kristina states the facts: Adam responded to an offensive remark in that grocery supermarket. She doesn't mention her dirt on Bob Little regarding Adam. Ryan comes home after working late. Ryan has brought the ring back and Amber makes sure he is okay with this. Amber still feels like something is wrong. Julia and Joel talk to Victor about the possibility of repeating the fourth grade. Victor isn't happy about it. Julia and Joel try to make Victor understand; they are proud of him but he has to be brave to repeat the fourth grade. Victor cries, knowing the embarrassment that will come from being in the same grade as Sydney. Joel and Julia are also crushed.

Zeek tries to Skype with Camille. Zeek is very happy to see her and compliments her. He hears how well she is doing and is happy to hear everything that she is doing. Camille seems really happy. Zeek says he is fine and the kids are bothering him. Camille has to go but Zeek wishes there was more time. Adam and Kristina review the positive talk about the press conference. They compliment each other. She gets another text from Heather saying that they have dropped four points in the polls. Adam is not dismayed; it could just be polling fluctuation. They could still win this. Kristina doesn't want to lose.

Sarah heads to Carl's party. Carl quickly introduces her to some of his friends. Meanwhile, Jabbar continues in ballet. Crosby visits to check on his progress smiling at Jabbar.