Season 4 Episode 4

The Talk

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 02, 2012 on PBS

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  • Another great example of an episode

    This episode had some really good points.

    First, Zeek develops an interesting story arc. And when you think about it, how this didn't come up before is shocking. He fits in perfectly at the veteran's centre and he's clearly enjoying his experience with people that just "get" him. He strikes a cord with one man who has recently returned from duty. It's really nice how they brought in this storyline and hope it continues because it is such a big issue in the American (and Canadian) family life right now.

    Like Nick Campbell points out ( these guys could have milked the breast cancer thing. They can milk anything on this show but they don't go too overboard. They keep it real. I didn't realize it at first, but Kristina tries to busy herself with unnecessary things - she wants Max to run so that she will have something to do. I think at the end... Adam was trying to put his foot down. Kristina was scared, she wanted to push the surgery off and spend her time helping Max. But Adam took her advice from the previous episode "I need you to let me be scared"... so I think Adam realized Kristina's fear. And I loved Adam's turn around at the end of the episode, jumping in to help Kristina and Max. Kristina compromised by moving up her surgery, Adam compromised by allowing Max to run for class president.

    Onwards to Sarah and Hank and newcomer daughter, Ruby. I'm still not happy with Hank replacing Mark but I'm slowly giving way to the idea. You know it's going to happen. It's sad to see such a stray from the previous season, but it will soon be Sarah and Hank. Mark didn't even appear in this episode and Hank is slowly building a strong character that compliments Sarah's extroverted attitude. At least they are doing this slowly with more and more interest in Hank over the episodes.

    Joel and Victor had an interesting line of events. I liked that they got Victor off the couch and onto a baseball field. I disliked the use of the cliche "you're not my real father" line after Victor got upset. But they really tied up this episode so nicely with Joel's talk (which was awesome) and Victor coming to ask him to play catch. When Julia pulled up, I smiled as well.

    Finally, the whole Crosby-Jabbar n-word arc was really well handled and I too was amazed by Jasmine's words when she talked to Jabbar. Crosby understood it better too and you know what I did too... I am white and I could probably never explain something like that, so I get it. And I almost teared up when Crosby asked if Jasmine had ever experienced the word used against her and she said yes. Crosby apologized and I almost did too. It was perfect. Great scene and great writing on this arc. I have really grown on Dax Shepard and this character and I think this is one of his best moves he's ever done - to be on this show.