Paris Hilton's My New BFF

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Paris Hilton's My New BFF

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Think you have what it takes to be Paris' new BFF? Twenty contestants living under one roof battle it out in areas of loyalty, endurance and 'girl politics' in an effort to live the high life with the infamous hotel heiress.

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AIRED ON 8/4/2009

Season 2 : Episode 10


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    • Should be titled: Paris Hilton's new slave.

      What a pointless show.

      Concept: Paris Hilton sets out on her own journey for "BFFs", a friend that she will enslave and backstab. Quite irritating, it just show how spoiled and slutty Paris is! This show should be cancelled FTL.

      Casts: All of them, they all have issues! Stereotypical people, dumb men and women, annoying tards, Hilton's so infuriating that she makes me blast the TV screen off.

      Value: No value. Since it just depicts Hilton's bratty attitude.

      Issues: Yeah, haha. This deserves the category "Issues"! Paris hilton, a drug addict, problematic person. She said she is a good role model for kids, WTF was that? Disgraceful to women around the world. And the show's biggest issue is it shows how irritating and brain popping Paris Hilton is. She should know how to get friends the real way, but too bad she can't because she can't comprehend with the human standards.

      Overall: -3. This show needs to be canceled fast!moreless
    • Feacle matter

      This show represents everything thats wrong with TV and society as a whole. This show is under the delusion that Paris Hilton is a role model that we would all want to be friends with. The only thing I see Paris Hilton as is a horrible, stuck up, drug addict. If you are going to be anyone, don't be her. Its not even worth watching this show for entertainment value; watching people blatantly there to be on tv getting all upset because they don't win the all so brilliant BFF award is sickening. She'll never even speak to them again after this.

      Truly shocking.moreless
    • Paris...has friends? Not buddies, but friends?

      Woe to the schmuck who falls for Paris Hilton's 'I need a friend' tripe. Paris's 'friends' only act like it because she has money, and you know how powerful money is in this day and age. Apparently, you can even purchase friends with money. It just goes to show Paris is just another lonely socialite that has turned to drugs to find a friend since money didn't find her one. The things she does for love are just pitiful. Incredibly pitiful, and instead of bashing her, I feel slightly sorry for her; and others like her who have been sucked into the vacuum of fame and fortune.moreless
    • As if Paris hasn't already given me enough reasons to hate her

      Just when I thought I couldn't hate Paris Hilton anymore, she has this show done to prove me wrong. All this show is just 20 people competing to be BFFs with Paris. Who would want to be friends with her in the first place? All the contestants on this show are utter morons and stereotypical form the gay guy to the blond female, it's stereotypes all around in this show. Also, what's the point of seeing a show out a celebrity making BFFs? Whatever happened to simply getting to know a person? Besides, we all know that Paris is going to ditch her "BFF" eventually, so it's pointless. This show is just Paris Hilton's idea for more attention and is unneeded. Just avoid this show by any means necessary and never look at it.moreless
    • Ok this must be one of the worst shows ever..

      First of all this show is just a waste because Paris Hilton just wants more attention and the idea is stupid. It's stupid because this shows that Paris Hilton can't even get any friends at all especially a bff. The people in this show look very akward and it makes the show even more horrible. I don't know why the cast of this show are wasting their time besides if Paris Hilton really does get a bff, she will later on stop being friends with her. This is just like A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila when Tila never got someone to love and this show is going to be like the same thing. Overall, this show is a waste of your time, if you like Paris Hilton so much then enjoy watching this show but for everybody else, stay away from this show seriously..moreless
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