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  • Should be titled: Paris Hilton's new slave.

    What a pointless show.

    Concept: Paris Hilton sets out on her own journey for "BFFs", a friend that she will enslave and backstab. Quite irritating, it just show how spoiled and slutty Paris is! This show should be cancelled FTL.

    Casts: All of them, they all have issues! Stereotypical people, dumb men and women, annoying tards, Hilton's so infuriating that she makes me blast the TV screen off.

    Value: No value. Since it just depicts Hilton's bratty attitude.

    Issues: Yeah, haha. This deserves the category "Issues"! Paris hilton, a drug addict, problematic person. She said she is a good role model for kids, WTF was that? Disgraceful to women around the world. And the show's biggest issue is it shows how irritating and brain popping Paris Hilton is. She should know how to get friends the real way, but too bad she can't because she can't comprehend with the human standards.

    Overall: -3. This show needs to be canceled fast!
  • Feacle matter

    This show represents everything thats wrong with TV and society as a whole. This show is under the delusion that Paris Hilton is a role model that we would all want to be friends with. The only thing I see Paris Hilton as is a horrible, stuck up, drug addict. If you are going to be anyone, don't be her. Its not even worth watching this show for entertainment value; watching people blatantly there to be on tv getting all upset because they don't win the all so brilliant BFF award is sickening. She'll never even speak to them again after this.
    Truly shocking.
  • Paris...has friends? Not buddies, but friends?

    Woe to the schmuck who falls for Paris Hilton's 'I need a friend' tripe. Paris's 'friends' only act like it because she has money, and you know how powerful money is in this day and age. Apparently, you can even purchase friends with money. It just goes to show Paris is just another lonely socialite that has turned to drugs to find a friend since money didn't find her one. The things she does for love are just pitiful. Incredibly pitiful, and instead of bashing her, I feel slightly sorry for her; and others like her who have been sucked into the vacuum of fame and fortune.
  • As if Paris hasn't already given me enough reasons to hate her

    Just when I thought I couldn't hate Paris Hilton anymore, she has this show done to prove me wrong. All this show is just 20 people competing to be BFFs with Paris. Who would want to be friends with her in the first place? All the contestants on this show are utter morons and stereotypical form the gay guy to the blond female, it's stereotypes all around in this show. Also, what's the point of seeing a show out a celebrity making BFFs? Whatever happened to simply getting to know a person? Besides, we all know that Paris is going to ditch her "BFF" eventually, so it's pointless. This show is just Paris Hilton's idea for more attention and is unneeded. Just avoid this show by any means necessary and never look at it.
  • Ok this must be one of the worst shows ever..

    First of all this show is just a waste because Paris Hilton just wants more attention and the idea is stupid. It's stupid because this shows that Paris Hilton can't even get any friends at all especially a bff. The people in this show look very akward and it makes the show even more horrible. I don't know why the cast of this show are wasting their time besides if Paris Hilton really does get a bff, she will later on stop being friends with her. This is just like A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila when Tila never got someone to love and this show is going to be like the same thing. Overall, this show is a waste of your time, if you like Paris Hilton so much then enjoy watching this show but for everybody else, stay away from this show seriously..
  • Celebs apparently can't make their own friends the old way.

    I always thought that the best way to get a best friend was to spend time with them and get to know them. I never dreamed that someone would create a show to contest for a best friend but Paris has done it. I suppose if you want to get right down to it - if they can make shows for people to contest for a spouse, then they can make them for best friends too.
    I'm not sure if this is supposed to be comedic or not, I guess it could be if you count the gay guy that acts so stereotypically. Even that disgusts me though. I know it's meant to be funny but I think it gives gay guys and homosexuals a bad name. A lot of people probably think that they act that way - my mother included and that sickens me.
    I also don't understand how you can have more than one season of this show - or a spin-off. I mean, if one relationship failed from a contestant show, I don't get how you would just do the same thing. I also don't get the whole spin-off concept. Does Paris Hilton really need a bff everywhere she goes? I mean, really. It's like a regular person going from city-to-city and making a best friend in every city. Is she going to go to every country in the world to get a best friend?
    The only upside I see to this show, is that at least Paris is making her own money.
  • Paris I know you'll have to do another show because you picked the wrong person.

    This show was good when Steven was on there, he was so sweet and would have been a great besst friend. I bet you he would have never told any of your secrets, he would have been a great best friend. I know think this show sucks because she does not know how to pick true people, and by her not picking Stephan she is going to have another show trying to find a bff. What is wrong with you? You say you're looking for a best friend, and then you just throw it down the tubes. You have bad taste, I hope you don't pick the cry baby, and I know the other one will end up whooping your butt if you don't do what she says. You really messed up by getting rid of Steven, you will have nothing but bad luck with the bff field now because you turned away one of the most geniune people that would have done anything for you and stood by your side.. I will make sure I never watch any of your shows again.
  • Paris has friends?

    I do not think it was possible for a bunch of people try to spend all their time trying to impress Paris Hilton just to be her "friend." I think this show is rather comical, but not in a good way. I would have thought the people on the show would have some realization that she isn't worh going through all this trouble for. I guess the thought on being on television was too much for them. Overall, I think this show is pointless and a big waste of time. The premise is very dumb and all too predictable. Thank you.
  • cool, but...

    This show is interesting. The girls are hot (I am a male) so this should get guys watching even a little in my opinion. I have seen every episode and in hindsight the show could all be an act IMO as I can easily see so many parts of it being scripted. lauren should have won, not this trashy Brittany girl who is still just looking for great fame through being friends with Paris.

    As for now, they are casting for a second season . I will definitely watch that too. I guess Paris needs two best friends forever? I bet they will keep doing this as long as people watch. Young girls probably love this, and guys like me have guilty pleasures.
  • A celeb is on a quest to find a new best friend. I suppose to replace her "ex bff" Nicole Richie?

    My two and a half year old son set this show to record by accident. Surprisingly, I found this show to be mildly entertaining. I definitely think you have to be a girl to get it- so guys, don't even bother trying to understand. It follows the same lines as how I will never try to comprehend what it is that guys find so fascinating about "Deadliest Catch". What I found so amusing about this show was the petty house drama. Girls were always having the stupidest problems, and making a huge deal about them. It was like high school re-visited.
  • I used to watch this show when man-girl Onch was on, he was probably the best thing outta this show and thats sad its catty girls tryin 2 be paris's best friend more like lapdog I honestly thought the script would keep him on longer

    I used to watch this show when man-girl Onch was on, he was probably the best thing outta this show and thats sad, there really is no point to watch it nemore, its just a bunch of catty girls trying to be paris's "best friend", more like lapdog or slave. Onch brought all the drama and comedy, I honestly thought the script would keep him on longer, and whats up with the racist Corrie getting to decide who goes home, oh wait it was because everyone picked on her and Paris felt bad, well Corrie get over it your a big girl now and so are you Paris.
  • She belongs behind bars.

    Seriously Paris, as if I didn't hate you enough before. I hated your other show with Nicole Richie (I just remembered its name: The Simple Life, right?). Seriously, nobody ever has a reality show to get a new best friend. You're never supposed to break up with your best friends in the first place. Just go back to Nicole and ask if you 2 wanna go throw-up in toilets again, like the good ol' days. Also, all the contestants are about as stupid as the contestants in any vh1 show where thaey can supposedly "find love". All of them will just become porn stars after they're kicked off, just like all the vh1 girls.
  • A great suprisingly new show.

    Paris Hilton is in search for a new BFF. She takes on 16 girls and two guys for a battle to be her next hand royalty. This show is witty and shows that Paris Hilton is not just a dire slut. Every episode, she makes one of the girls her **** and they have to tell her all the juicy gossip in the house and help decide who is going home next. Every week two girls/guys get set up for review. And ones fate during the show is cut short and they must go home. Challenges every week also. Great show.
  • Do not watch. Horrible, simply horrible.

    Paris Hilton, the actor we all wish would go away. Hollywood needs to stop signing her up for ill conceived, nauseating, performances. Ratings for this show cannot fall much lower, but somehow I think they will. Hilton was washed up before she started. Paris Hilton, the actor we all wish would go away. Hollywood needs to stop signing her up for ill conceived, nauseating, performances. Ratings for this show cannot fall much lower, but somehow I think they will. Hilton was washed up before she started.Paris Hilton, the actor we all wish would go away. Hollywood needs to stop signing her up for ill conceived, nauseating, performances. Ratings for this show cannot fall much lower, but somehow I think they will. Hilton was washed up before she started.
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