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  • Should be titled: Paris Hilton's new slave.

    What a pointless show.

    Concept: Paris Hilton sets out on her own journey for "BFFs", a friend that she will enslave and backstab. Quite irritating, it just show how spoiled and slutty Paris is! This show should be cancelled FTL.

    Casts: All of them, they all have issues! Stereotypical people, dumb men and women, annoying tards, Hilton's so infuriating that she makes me blast the TV screen off.

    Value: No value. Since it just depicts Hilton's bratty attitude.

    Issues: Yeah, haha. This deserves the category "Issues"! Paris hilton, a drug addict, problematic person. She said she is a good role model for kids, WTF was that? Disgraceful to women around the world. And the show's biggest issue is it shows how irritating and brain popping Paris Hilton is. She should know how to get friends the real way, but too bad she can't because she can't comprehend with the human standards.

    Overall: -3. This show needs to be canceled fast!