Parking Wars

Tuesday 9:00 PM on A&E Premiered Jan 08, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • I don't want to live by these citizens!!

    Watching reruns and remembering what bs the people can do! If you follow the laws, you wont get a ticket! Those who cuss and carry on at the ticket writer, you look so stupid, you act like a kid, blaming others for what you did. Cussing makes you look like you didnt go to school and you don't know what words to use! The ticket writer doesn't write the laws. Those that lie, did you see the tv cameras?? Don't you think it caught you lying?? Don't you look stupid now?? These people are doing a job. Lots of people say the city is chasing away buisness and people, robbing the people. The money most likely goes into the general fund to pay other things so they dont have to raise your taxes. Yes they raise them any way, but it would be more if not for the tickets!! Follow the law and you won't have to pay that part of the taxes!!! Being handicap, when you park in the spots marked for me and you park there for a minute, do you really think I'm going to sit there and see if you will be out in a minute?? As I walk from a regular spot and pass your car, still sitting there, or seeing a young healthy person getting in that car, I'm praying a ticket writer will come by and give you a ticket! Don't you get it, everytime you put yourself in a spot where you can get a ticket, some other citizen is hoping you do get a ticket because you are holding them up, weather it be a busdriver who can't let his passengers off by the sidewalk or a truck driver making a delivery that has to park a block away and push his products twice as far or a woman pushing a baby stroller who has to go out in the street to get around your car that blocked the crosswalk or the handicap guy in the wheel chair that cant get on the sidewalk cause you block the ramp! So when you get that next ticket, do all of us a favor, call yourself an asshole!! Ticket writers, booters, next time an idiot starts yelling at you, know most of us look at the idiot and know he's a joke, not you! People who get their cars booted, for real?? You didn't get any tickets?? You let that many tickets build up and you act surprised? Then you act like you didnt any, you deserve every bit of what you get!! And last but not least, getting your car towed and dealing with the parking authority? Three things you have to bring with you, like kids, you can't do more than one thing at a time!! Then you act like they are suppose to get your info for you because you don't know what a insurance card is, not a bill. You get all riled up and look stupid and cuss till youre blue, looks real trashy, not cool like high schoolers think!! Grow up and put the blame where it belongs, you!!!!
  • stupidity

    the biggest thing about this show is the people who park just do not respect the laws and always blame the "other person". they NEVER take responsibilty on themslves-which just shows their ignorance and stupidity. Too bad there are so many ignorant stupid parking laws and retreival of thier cars is not meant to aggravate-thats still the jerks refusing to take their own reponsibility. THEY are the problem-not the parking boards or people who work for them. My advice-DON'T BREAK THE PARKING LAWS STUPID AND IF YOU DO DON"T COMPLAIN OR BLAME ANYONE BUT YOURSELVES!
  • The PPA is ridiculous.

    The PPA is ridiculous... I live in PA... I have no problem with them writing tickets- but they make the process of getting a car back, or fighting a ticket SO difficult... its just meant to aggravate. Im surprised none of these PPA people have been run over... The signs are extremely difficult to understand as well... some are not very clear as to whats legal and whats not... and even the meter maids are brutal with explaining it at times. I remember asking "I got a ticket for an expired meter, can I leave the car here now without getting another ticket?" - immediate answer "Yes - you will only get 1 ticket per day" Great - not bad - $26 parking... I come back 6 hours later and 3 more tickets are stacked ontop... Unreal sometimes.