Parks and Recreation

Season 2 Episode 21

94 Meetings

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 29, 2010 on NBC

Episode Recap

For several months, April's entire job description has been to prevent any and all work from actually landing on Ron's desk. Unfortunately, one of her preferred tactics backfired dreadfully and as a result, Ron ended up with 93 meetings in a single day. Not one to panic, Ron smoothly hands off all of his responsibilities to the ever-eager Leslie, who actually enjoys talking with the people of Pawnee.

Thinking that his worst-case scenario has been deftly avoided, Ron soon found himself back where he had started as Leslie bolts from the office to deal with an issue that, if left untended, would change the character of Pawnee irrevocably (at least, in her mind.) Rather than handle the remaining meetings himself, Ron presses anyone nearby into service (except Jerry, who is allowed to go home before he can cause any damage) to sit down with all of these people and give them the impression that someone in City Hall is listening to them, even if that person is Andy the shoeshine boy.

While Ron goes through the endless parade of imbecilic requests and complaints from the Pawnee citizenry, Leslie directs all of her energies toward stopping the gold-digging wife of an aging millionaire from remodelling a century-old heritage home to suit her personal tastes. Chief among these changes is the impending demolition of an old gazebo under which Pawnee had its first inter-racial marriage...moments before both the bride and groom were killed by both families.
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