Parks and Recreation

Season 2 Episode 21

94 Meetings

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 29, 2010 on NBC

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  • Many many Meetings

    This was another good episode but the start and the end of it, is what took it down a bit. We find out that Mark is getting more serious with Ann (despite some cracks). Leslie says she is happy but doesn't seem to be. I thought at this point she is over Mark but I guess love is a hard thing. This was still a funny episode. It's funny how Andy is trying to justify not wanting to date April. The way he treats her was not mean but funny to watch. I liked how Andy is the reason why April comes back. I enjoyed April's parents. It's great how they are this super happy people despite having two daughters who are very apathetic. I also enjoyed Leslie's storyline. I liked how she chained herself to the gate but it had no effect on stopping the reconstruction. The best part of this episode was Ron. Seeing him deal with people was very funny. I liked how he got everyone to help him but told Jerry to go home. Despite the start and end, this was still worth watching.