Parks and Recreation

Season 2 Episode 3

Beauty Pageant

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 2009 on NBC

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  • Beauty Pagent

    This was another episode but not as good as the first two. Like with some of the episodes in season 1, this one is better when you watch the entire series. Seeing April dressed up was good to see. It was something you didn't see before. Originally when I saw this, I was not a fan of April when I saw this. At the time, I thought she was too "whatever" teen for me. But like I said earlier, it's something you appreciate when you watch more episodes. You also see more of Tom's side as a "player." Unlike in season 1, it comes off as good. The part with Mark and Ann and Andy was very funny. Seeing Andy leave the house after Ann invited him in and slowly walk away was very funny. While this episode not as good as the first two, this was enjoyable to watch.
  • Not bad, but not my favorite at all..

    With Parks and Recreation's ratings so low, I've learned to appreciate each new episode and find the merits in them, because it seems like it's dangerously close to being canceled.. and while this episode was not bad, it was definitely disappointing. The show will have to do better than this if it wants to stick around.

    Probably the biggest upside I could see to the episode was Aziz Ansari. The bad news? That's what I say every episode. Usually, it's him that's consistently giving the biggest laughs.. it's not like everybody else in the show is not funny, it's just that they're not given as much funny material to work with.

    The plot was sort of sub-par, but I do like the continuity of the show. They brought back Dave, the police officer, as well as Ron's hernia operation. Any other show would've just forgotten about it, but this show does a good job keeping all of their ideas in order.

    It's disappointing to see the show doing so poorly with ratings, but there's no doubt that the show has gotten more powerful over the weeks. I'm expecting an eventual cancellation, so I guess I'll keep watching for Aziz Ansari's lines..
  • Leslie's attempt to have the Pawnee Beauty Pageant represent something more than just a hot bod and nice tan is derailed by the other judges; namely, Tom. Ann learns that the biggest gopher of all time is living in the pit.

    Tom and Leslie's relationship drives the humor on Parks. They are developing into the Michael and Dwight, Liz Lemon and Jack, etc. combo who seem to consistently elicit the biggest laughs from week to week. Loved Ann learning Andy lives in the pit. Is is just me or does "Nice Mark" also equal "Boring Mark?" Rashida Jones is so good on this show. I get the feeling Andy is hanging around because she and Chris Pratt are funnier together than she and Mark are. Will be interesting to see how long they keep Andy in his current transient status. Don't see how he'll survive the winter in the Pit. :)
  • Emerging as one of the comedies to watch

    I'm still new to this show, but of the 3 episodes I've seen so far, I've been enjoying Parks and Recreation more than many of the other comedies on TV, and the show seems much funnier that what we got last season.

    Leslie get's to judge a beauty pageant this week, which is an easy plot device, sure, but I still liked it. I like Leslie here, who continues to impress me with how different she is from a similar character- Michael Scott from The Office. Her pro-feminist views give her a layer of intelligence and integrity that make her a winning lead. But most of the laughs will come from Tom who gets himself to be a judge too, only to oogle the eye candy. "36A? How'd you get in here?" Lol!

    Also very amusing was Andy crashing in on Ann and Mark's dinner date. Mark seems very dull to me. I loved his musings back in the pit afterward. This character could be a major standout
  • Pretty good.

    This episode was a pretty good episode, it was funny in some moments. My favorite part is the B plot with Mark & Ann's relationship developing. While Ann finds out Andy has been living the pit, that was some development as well. It looks like Andy hasn't given up on Ann just yet. Leslie judging the pageant was pretty funny as well. I liked how Tom did all those things for the hot one. And the whole key thing. "I've been robbed twice" I laughed so hard on that part. The cop asks out Leslie and now we have to wait till the next episode to see how that turns out.
  • Over the dead body winner.

    Parks and Recreation,
    Beauty Pageant, - In this episode Leslie is put onto judge the local beauty pageant. Seeing this a good moment to create a sence of how smart these women can be. And only to find out that it's not about smarts it's about how you look. Leslie is going to have a fight. Tom gets himself to be a judge too and Dave the cop tries to swing Leslie in going on a date with him. However Leslie and him dont meet on the same page. The pageant takes place, April jumps in to win money. But flees the pageant because the winner doesnt win money. The other judges are content over the most beautiful lady while Leslie tries to get the smartest to win. When they vote comes up Leslie says she will win over her dead body. In the end the person Leslie doesnt want to win, wins. In anger Leslie turns down Dave who pushes away the girl Leslie hates and in return Leslie changes her mind and they plan to go on a date.
  • Great episode.

    "Beauty Pageant" had it's highs and lows. First of all, it wasn't so hilarious as "The Steakout" and "Pawnee Zoo" but it showed Leslie Knope fighting for what she thought was right, and it shows us Leslie, as dim-witted as she is, isn't a female Michael Scott. First of all, let me get to the good points. Awkward humor in this episode was really good. Leslie unintentionally insulting Susan was great. Tom getting so into Trish was also really funny and Tom Haverford is really a great character. April also continues to be a weird, but good character and she is as funny as she is depressing. There were a few parts that were a bit slow and boring. Leslie trying to convince the judges that Susan was the perfect woman was good, but not funny. Ann is oblivious that Andy was in the pit. For the record, I don't really like Ann, and she wasn't good in this episode. This episode was great, but to be better it needs a bit more funny, a little less drama (it's not really drama, but...), and it needs to do what it is doing. Go "P & R!"
  • "Less female Michael Scott, more goofier Liz Lemon"

    Poehler turns her character to a more feministic approach here, which is always good to see-she's held a pretty good record of being one of the female comics being both forward thinking and rad about the subject, and I had worried with previous episodes (most of Season 1, in fact), that the character would be too dimwitted to even consider such things beyond the 'I am a woman in politics' dynamic that was set up. I want to see less female Michael Scott, more goofier Liz Lemon from this show, and this episode nailed that for me. Also interesting, April's character actually has impact on the show for the first time in this episode, and it shows us that she's actually going to be interesting, if the character continues in such fashion-that sort of apathetic about everything aspect of the early-20's scene these day is well represented (not that it wasn't when she and her boyfriend and his boyfriend were around in the first episode of this season, but here to more effect).
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