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Parks and Recreation

Season 4 Episode 3

Born and Raised

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 06, 2011 on NBC

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    This was another solid episode and this show is doing sort of the same thing the TV show "Castle" is doing by having a fictional book on the TV show getting made and released for real; after this episode I'm going to check out a copy.

    Joan Callamezzo is funny but not likeable. She's really by her nature not nice even though she acts it, self centered/serving, and just a complete narcicist. That book club she made she obviously did just to inflate her ego more, she doesn't give a crap about the content of a new book (she recomended a book that was a piece of crap) just see it as another opportunity for promtion of herself along with the book.

    I liked that moment where in her talk show she brings out the Gotcha dancers which is clearly inapproprate for an afternoon TV show. And even that lunch date was funny, when where hear her say a long inapproprate sentence toward Tom and Ben which has been bleeped out, I don't know what she said and I don't think I want to know.

    Lesile is great as usual, I really did feel sympathy for her character as she was getting crap canned undeservingly, all because of what Joan said which I found unreliable because she didn't really present proof. But the reveal of Lesile's origins is great and really funny, we see that she was born in the one town in the world she hates, Eagleton. It kinda makes sense after all her wardrobe is kinda an elitist look and she does have that urge to make Pawnee better than before, much as what Eagleton does for itself.

    Though to me my favorate parts of the episode were one despite small was just seeing Andy in action and using once again his pretend alter ego Bert Macklin whom is what Jack Finley is to Sam on "Burn Notice". From seeing Andy bodyguard Lesile in a Barnes and Noble like book store (hostility in a store like that is a first) and even jumping over a desk unsmoothly. Hope we'll see more times Andy utilzes Bert Macklin and may'be also April's alter ego Janet Snakehole though that could be a long shot but who knows.

    And both Tom and Ben are a great comic duo, Ben is the straght man while Tom is the loose man. I really like how Tom was trying to utilize his charm but I also liked seeing he is capable of being selfless when he sees he possible client Joan is drunk and need a ride home and he isn't concerned about business but her well being. It was funny seeing both Tom and Ben carry Joan home, but Ben is out of breath and shape, might be weaker than Tom. But then they see her pad which is full of pictures of herself, I heard of narcisism but this is really out of hand.

    The only weak part of the episode is really the subplot with Ann it just didn't do anything for me. However Ron and April with their moments carry it out well which make it ok.

    It really doesn't matter where one was born just what one does now where ever they are is what matters.

  • Leslie writes a book but Joan Callamezzo calls her out on a false fact in it.


    This episode began as what I believed would be a simpler type of episode, not necessarily a bad one, but one that would be less complicated. However, I was wrong. This was another fantastic episode of Season 4 and a chance for us to see a lot of Pawnee's greatest hits come back.

    It all starts when Leslie writes a book. Her campaign managers decide that publishing the book would be a great way for her to gain popularity with the voters. The problem is, on Joan Callamezzo's show (seriously, every time she's on Parks, she gets funnier and funnier), Joan says someone called in an anonymous tip and claimed Leslie wasn't born in Pawnee; after some hilarious digging with the help of Chris and Andy, Leslie learns that she was born in Eagleton, which we learned last season is filled with "rich snobby jerks."

    I must say, I wasn't expecting the episode to go in the direction it did. The Eagleton reveal was a big moment and everything leading up to it was perfect. I loved seeing Tom and Ben take out Joan for lunch to try and get Joan to give Leslie's book a sticker that would deem it "Joan's Book of the Month." Sort of like an Oprah's book club thing. Tom flirting with ANYone is hilarious, and Ben was half nerd and half shocked during the lunch date.

    But I don't know, I might have to give the player of the week to Andy Dwyer, who gave us the return of Bert Machlin and did some very exciting FBI work while in character. Good stuff all around from the cast. I wasn't as excited with Ann's plot, but seeing Ron and April act as deadpan as possible was great to see.

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