Parks and Recreation

Season 4 Episode 21

Bus Tour

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 03, 2012 on NBC

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  • Bert Macklin returns...

    Parks continues its hot streak following last week's superb episode. Here, we get an episode that's a little more crowded than it needs to be, but filled with enough laughs to keep everything running smoothly.

    Leslie's success at the debate carries into tonight's episode as she prepares to eliminate the two point lead Newport has over her by doing a bus tour from place to place in Pawnee, giving a speech that's been rehearsed over and over (right down to the swing-and-a-miss Rodney Dangerfield impression) and shooting Leslie Knope t-shirts at the crowd.

    However, her hot streak is threatened after Bobby Newport's father passes away JUST before she calls him a jerk in front of a giant crowd. This creates some mighty bad press, and Ben, Ann and the rest of the crew try to stop Newport and his crafty aide Jennifer (who Kathryn Hahn is playing incredibly well) from making Leslie look insensitive.

    As I mentioned before, this episode was pretty crowded. The show tried giving everybody something to do, and while they succeed, it felt like they could've combined the cast a little bit more. But then again, at least every plot worked. In shows like Modern Family, you have such a huge cast that it's sometimes difficult to give them all something to do that's equally interesting. The best episodes of Modern Family are when the writers get the cast together and let them bounce off of each other. With Parks and Recreation, the cast is so good that even when they're split up, their personalities all mesh well, and it's just as interesting to see Donna, Ron and Tom try to coerce a bully into giving them the white vans as it is watching Andy (a.k.a Bert Macklin, FBI) doing a slow-motion recreation of Jerry getting hit by a pie.

    There's very little to complain about here... just good television through and through.

    Random Notes:

    *Paul Rudd is doing some really subtle but great work here. I love watching him stumble his way through speeches and unknowingly lauds Leslie for things he shouldn't be. But nothing will beat his line last week: "Holy s***, Leslie, that was amazing!"

    * Rob Lowe was also on a role tonight. Any time he gets super energetic, I can't stop laughing.

    * "Let me tell you how it's gonna go down. In a few minutes we'll walk in there, give him our demands, and then BAM! I start crying."