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When news broke that Rashida Jones (Ann) and Rob Lowe (Chris) would be departing Pawnee in the middle of Season 6, it seemed a bit out of the blue. But upon further examination, it kind of makes sense; both characters have been largely marginalized the past few years and they're trying to have a baby together. And you know how boring babies are. Like super boringgggggggsdxczz. Sorry, I fell asleep on my keyboard just thinking about it.

So instead of sitting around wondering what boring way they're going to be written out of the show, I've created a list of five awesome ways the show can write out their characters.

5. Chris gets promoted to Deputy Communications Director for the governor of Indiana (played by Lowe's good friend Martin Sheen) and must return to Indianapolis with Ann and their unborn child in tow. The governor is eventually elected President and Chris, Ann and Baby move to Washington, DC.

4. Ann decides Indiana's winters are far too cold and no place to raise a baby, so she takes a job at St. Thomas Hospital in Charming, California, where the weather is always beautiful and there's no shortage of good-looking bikers to patch up.

3. While on vacation in southern Alabama, Chris and Ann's car breaks down. They hitchhike to the nearby town of Bluebell where Ann gets a job as a nurse in a tiny general practitioner's office. Adorable small town wackiness ensues.

2. While visiting family in Pennsylvania, Chris and Ann become embroiled in a long-running murder mystery when Ann stops to visit an old friend working at Radley Sanitarium. Unbeknownst to her, Ann's placed her life, Chris's life, and the life of their unborn child in terrible danger.

1. Ann finds out she's a clone and embarks on a personal mission to keep her unborn child away from those who want to study it in a lab. She fakes her death, relocates to an unspecified location that is actually totally Canada, and inserts herself into the old life of one of the other clones. Chris is overcome by grief and moves to Muncie.

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AIRED ON 2/24/2015

Season 7 : Episode 12

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