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Two of my favorite couples on TV right now are up for the Best Couple award on TV.com's Best of 2013 polls. I can't pick which one deserves my vote so let's break it down.


At first I loved how geeky these two were together and I really think they had some strong moments appreciating each others' quirks early on. But now that they're married, Ben continues to do nice things for Leslie but Leslie just seems to pick on Ben. Even if it's in a loving way, whatever happened to loving him for who he is, Cones of Dunshine & all?

This adorkable couple has no reason to be together. They have nothing in common! But there's something really endearing about seeing them try to work it out anyway. Until it started working. Now every episode seems to be about Jess or Nick screwing up, the other trying to fix things, and then they make up, claiming they love the other person for who they are. Rinse, wash, repeat. Yawn.

The winner: Tie. They both had great chemistry at first but now that everything has worked out, I think the writers don't know what to do with their plot lines.



There's no doubt that these two love each other. When Ben finally proposed to Leslie I think there was a collective sigh of relief. There's really no other way their love story could have played out. These two wackos were made for each other.

Despite repeatedly reconfirming that they are "all-in," every episode seems to put their relationship on more tenuous terms. Remember the recent episode where Nick couldn't even admit he was Jess's boyfriend? Yeah, that. I love him, but does Nick even know what the word commitment means?

The winner: Leslie/Ben. No contest.

Round 3: Support


These two would do anything for each other. & they've both proven it. Most recently Ben even gave up his job so that Leslie could stand up for an issue she believed in. The support that Ben & Leslie give each other cannot be questioned.

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They try to support each other & sometimes even come close. But these two are still learning how to be with each other, so I'll cut them a little slack. They are trying. Jess even ate a hallucinogenic fish to make Nick feel better about himself. That gets them some points.

The winner: Leslie/Ben

Looks like Leslie & Ben won the duel but don't let that stop you. Figure out which couple you like best & go vote for them!
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