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Tatiana Maslany guested on tonight's episode as a new crush for Tom, while Leslie had to deal with a scandal and Ron had to deal with estate planning.

The episode started with Leslie dealing with more campaign issues and her solution was to simply deface opposition posters with her own stickers, which led to this:

April basically defacing the Pawnee government with question marks (which I thought looked really cool btw).

But following an inappropriate text from Donna on the Parks department twitter account, and a subsequent inquiry by Councillor Jamm, it turned out Donna was tweeting more than sexy stuff to guys with washboard abs - she was also venting her frustrations about Leslie sometimes being annoying. This actually gave Donna a decent amount of screen time this week and in some ways showed that Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe leaving can open some unexplored territory - the other relationships in the Parks department. Donna has been mostly a bit part and has been seen in scenes with Tom mainly, her relationship with the others has not been fully covered. Also April seems to bring out a maternal side to Leslie which could be a lot of fun:

From the hearings we also got a lot of Jamm, and his honesty about them was really funny, giving us such lines as:

"This will be blown way out of proportion! You have my word on that!"

“Alright let’s begin. These hearings have two goals. One, to find out exactly how this offensive tweet came to be sent and two, to turn this whole thing into a media circus.”

“Everyone take your seats so this witch hunt may proceed as scheduled.”

So it would seem Leslie will have a full plate, even with Ann leaving

Tom's romantic interest toward the lovely Doctor was typical Tom. All flash and little substance, trying to get more time by tying her up with his ace card - bureaucracy!. This approach failed, but a reference to Jay Z and Beyonce's baby ensured that he was smitten.
With Aprils help he managed to snag a date.

Tatiana Maslany was very good in her guest role and her characters chemistry with April was very smooth - I can see them as friends

Ron and Ben hung out in this episode, tying up Ron's Will. Again this could be another unexplored relationship (to replace the loss of Chris Trager), and it worked out well - but I believe Swanson can do no wrong so I might be prejudiced. This episode gave more quotable Swansonism's, such as -

“Literally everything is a weapon, son. That folder in my hands is far deadlier than this bow in yours.”

“That’s your will? You need that many pages to say ‘Give my stuff to my wife?’”

“Nice try. I’m not telling you how much money I have, where it’s hidden or which previous metals and/or gemstones it may or may not take the form of.”

“Another word for ‘jokes’ is ‘lies.’ I do not lie therefore I do not joke.”

And my 2 favorite Ron bits this week were:

and Ron's Joke face:

Ben: “Oh. You’re joking.”
Ron: “Yes son, I am. First joke ever. Don’t care for it.”

The lawyer was also very good and seemed a lot like Ron in some ways.

This episode seemed to be about exploring other dynamics within the parks department and did so successfully, in fact I thought it was the best episode of the season so far.

Other stuff:

Chris Trager shone in this episode with lines like:

“Then there’s a picture of a pair of lips and then a picture of an eggplant. I’m both confused, and if we’re being totally honest, a little aroused.”

“I think a lot of things. I like thinking. And racquetball.”

“Isn’t language fun? It’s like racquetball! For your mouth.”
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Oct 19, 2013
It was great to see the unexplored relationships. And to hear a little more about Donna's personal life (but not too much, please). Councilman Jamm's blatant remarks were hilarious, and nobody seemed to care. If Leslie and her team were smart they would move away, along with Chris & Ann. Of course they won't, Leslie loves Pawnee despite it's glaring flaws.
Oct 19, 2013
Very happy to have Tatiana Maslany in Pawnee for a few episodes.

Totally agree that it was the best episode of the season to date. As you highlighted it was the Ben & Ron scenes that really nailed it home for me.
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