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Parks and Recreation S06E04: "Doppelgangers"

Having spent over five years with the Pawnee Parks Department, Leslie, Ron, and this merry band of misfits feel a bit like family now, so it was a lot of fun to see their Eagleton doppelgängers (shout-out to The Vampire Diaries for teaching me how to spell that!) tonight as the two towns were once again united as one. Last week, we met Leslie's counterpart Ingrid (Kristen Bell), and she was fun, but now let's grade the the rest of the doppelgängers:

– Ron (Ron Swanson): At first, Eagleton Ron seemed like the perfect match for meat-loving, privacy-craving Ron Swanson. But that idea was flipped on its head when it was revealed that he was exactly the opposite. Eagleton Ron is vegan, he wears sandals because he doesn't believe in caging his feet, he does yoga, he loves Morrissey—he's the anti-Ron in just about every single way. I can't support any guy who wears mandals, but dammit Sam Eillott was great. C

– Craig (Donna): Craig suffers from a medical problem which causes him to care too damn much. He cares more than Leslie cares. And he's awesome. While I'd never want to get rid of Donna, I adore Craig. A

E.R.I.C. (Tom): E.R.I.C. isn't a person, "he" is a computer system. But Tom was so worried that he might lose his job to a computer (since when does Tom work anyway?) that he made up a story about a racist, unreliable, possible felon named Eric. And Leslie believed it, so I'm going to rule in favor of Tom here because he deserves to win some every once in awhile. B+

– Tynnyfer (April): Tynnyfer is basically the worst person in the world, and April pretended to be her new bestie in order to trick her into leaving Pawnee so she could keep her job. After talking about yoga and life coaches and doing lots of hair twirling, the payoff was that April sent Tynnyfer off to Miami with Dwayne Wade's address in hand, hoping he'd throw a basketball at her. What the hell, it was hilarious. A

Evelyn (Ann): No one can replace Ann in Leslie's life, and since Ann's the only Parks and Rec character who's actually leaving Pawnee, I do wonder if, when, or how we'll see Evelyn and her "kind of pretty mouth" again. But we didn't really get to see much of her i this episode because Leslie was preoccupied with Ann's announcement that she'll soon be departing Pawnee for parts unknown. N/A

Larry (Jerry): Okay, Jerry didn't have an Eagleton twin (he's just a file temp right now anyway), but since everyone is calling him Larry it kind of works. A+ 


– "Ron is basically a better version of George Washington."

– "This calls for some celebratory lunges!" 

– "I'm just trying to stop time with legally binding friendship contracts. What part of that do you not understand?"

– "Mmmmm, sugar mustard."

– "It's called the Good Earth Salad, but really it's just cheese, toffee, and gummy bear worms."

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Season 6 : Episode 21

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