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Now, I'm sure that at least most of the people in this community are fans of Parks and Rec. And hopefully Community too. But that's beside the point.

I've recently looked through pretty much all the seasons on this website, in particular the ratings. And it seems to me that the scores for the episodes are astronomically low.

Of course, I know that whether the scores are high or low, it's still a good show. peoples' scores don't affect the quality of a show. That being said, I look at said scores when determining whether or not to watch a show, because that is often an indicator of the quality. For example, I decided not to watch Barney and Friends because it has a 4.6, while I decided to watch Orphan Black because it has a 9.3. Okay, so maybe I decided not to watch Barney because it's for children (as in 0 year olds), but still, scores can be important, especially in comedy where there are so many shows.

I was surprised to see Parks and Rec at a 7.3. Bar Season 1, Parks is a great, really funny show that deserves more than that. So why is it so low? Did people just watch the pilot and season 1 and thought it was so awful it deserved a 1?

I, thankfully, did some research before starting Parks - as I always do with TV shows - and learned ahead of time to avoid Season 1. So, I started Season 2, and was immediately greeted by an episode in which Leslie Knope marries two penguins which turn out to be males. It was odd, off-kilter, hilarious stuff. The characters were fresh and funny, and the situation part matched the comedy part of sitcom well. It felt like I was in a fully-developed world; it felt like a very mature pilot.

"Pawnee Zoo" is rated at a 7.2... why?

And then there's Greg Pikitis, arguably one of the show's best episodes. Rated at a 7.1. Ron and Tammy, which is hilarious, is rated at a 6.7. The Camel - which might just be my favourite episode of Parks - is a 7.0. And one number that blew me away is the fact that "Hunting Trip" - which if I'm not mistaken is the one in which Ron gets shot in the foot - is a 6.3. SIX POINT THREE! What is up with this?

I don't know exactly what point I'm trying to make. I suppose I'm simply putting forward what I see as an issue to provoke discussion. Because I am honestly curious as to why people downvote good comedy. Angry fanpeople of The Big Bang Theory wishing they were as good? Is there an intense war between Community and Parks? (Because I think there's the same kind of issue with Community episodes, which is one of the best sitcoms as well)

In any case, I'd better study for my science test tomorrow. Mmmmm, magnesium oxide!
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Oct 18, 2013
Another answer would be the amount of people who actually rate the shows. A lot more people comment on the shows than vote/rate them.
Oct 18, 2013
The short answer is that TV comedies often have overall lower scores on our site than TV dramas.

Pro Tip: add ?sortmode=rating to the end of our Episode Guide URLs to see all episodes of a show sorted by episode rating, e.g. http://www.tv.com/shows/seinfeld/episodes/all/?sortmode=rating

The longer answer is that not everyone loves Parks and Rec. I'm a big fan, but it's had quite an interesting evolution from a virtual clone of The Office to one of the nicest comedies on TV. I think it has lost as many viewers as it's gained along the way (and the Nielsen ratings agree). While you might rate individual episodes higher, its top-rated episodes are actually higher than many other great sitcoms, including New Girl, which doesn't have a single rating of 9 of greater.
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