Parks and Recreation

Season 3 Episode 12


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 05, 2011 on NBC

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  • The Fence

    This is another good episode if once again not a hard hitter but close. I like the plot a fence it's true it's absurd, it's sort of their version of the Berlin Wall, though I don't think that fence does much good when all people would have to do is simply go around it or over it, though I heard they have security posted for it but even that wouldn't do much good since you could get past them by not going on one side of the park at all and simply driving to the other side.

    I really loved getting a glimpse of Eagleton for the first time, in a way that place is what Shelbyville is to Springfield on "The Simpsons" sort of an alternate version of Pawnee but with them things are better and cleanner. There was the little issue of class conflict brought up, the people from Eagleton are from the upper class which makes them a bit snobby when one woman at the meeting scene said something disrespectful I thought, well may'be Pawnee would be cleaner if you got off your butt and spent your money to fund the process instead of buying another yaut, car, or whatever else you don't need. I can honestly never understand that kind of prejudice.

    I really like Parker Posey in her role, that actress has always been known to play strange characters, in this show she fits right in. She is a good antithsis for Lesile because both do want the best for the town they represent their just on different sides of the spectrum. My favorate moment is when she feeds her dog a walfee which was from Pawnee to her dog and that is the last straw for Lesile and then both of them fight in the garbage. And of course it's even funnier when we see Lesile go to the Eagleton jail which was supprisingly the nicest jail I've ever seen, I almost wouldn't mind visiting that every once in a while. Comic Silver

    But in the end Leisle figures out a rather odd but well meaning compromise. Where she makes her side of the park with the fence into a Softball stadium and if anyone ever hits balls over the fence the kids from Eagleton whom are playing would fetch those balls and throw them back to the other side, even though all they could do is just get another ball from the supply bucket they carry. But this odd solution sort of teaches both factions to work together and creates unity. And Leisle and Parker Posey's character make peace, for now anyway.

    But I really loved that sub plot with Ron whom for some weard reason doesn't want anyone to know when his birthday is. It goes so far as to blot out the information from the goverment. In a way this sub plot kinda plays out a bit like a suspense thriller, Ron is the spy and Lesile and the rest are the spy hunters trying to nail him. It was just funny seeing Ron in a state of fear and how he is physically breaking down a bit, and we see the days Monday and Wednsday displayed sort of an homage joke to "The Shining". I could sort of emphaisize with Ron, there are people out their that really don't like parties for their birthday but quiet celebrations, I like quiet celebrations myself. But in the end it turns out to be a plesent supprise and also shows how true the friendship between Ron and Lesile is.
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