Parks and Recreation

Season 3 Episode 9

Fancy Party

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 14, 2011 on NBC

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  • They Get Married

    This was a wonderful episode. Although I think this could have been better. I can't remember an episode of any TV show where the wedding was the main story where there was no buildup and the wedding so blah. Then again this was April and Andy. The only part I was not a fan of was with Ann and Donna. These are two good actors but this part didn't click with me. I think it's weird that Donna was able to get guys so much more easily then Ann. Granted Ann is coming off two big relationships (Andy, Chris) and Donna has loads of confidence, but it's just weird that Ann can't a guy's number, even a douchey one. I also didn't like Donna's advice to Ann.

    Now the wedding itself was something that you may never see. From a outsiders prospective, you may think that NBC and Parks and Recreation missed a chance with the wedding, you don't know Andy and April. Yes, there could've been a bigger buildup, but remember that this was a short season. When April made the speech of why it happened so quickly, that's why there was no buildup. For them (at least for now) it works. I thought the wedding was unique. I loved how Andy had several best men. I also loved how despite her objections, Leslie didn't interrupt the wedding. The dance that Ron had with April was perfect. Also funny in this episode was Orion. It was funny that he was creped out by Chris. I could go on about this wedding but I don't want to take too much of your time.

    If you are a true Parks and Rec fan, you would like this episode. If not watch from the pilot and you will be.
  • Not a lot of funny moments but managed to keep me interested.

    The fancy party turns out to be a wedding party for Andy and April. Leslie tries her best to dissuade April from marriage,to no avail. She predicts a quick divorce, but loses that bet. In the meanwhile, Leslie is asked to give career advice, but at first she is resistant.

    This episode did not provide a lot of "laugh out loud" moments. The funniest bits were at the fancy party, where Andy chose every male he knew to be his "best man". Leslie seemed subdued, and you definitely got the feeling that she was feeling a little sorry for herself. Next week, we will see her try a dating service, so it's obvious she wants a soul mate.
  • 309

    A great episode of Parks and Recreation. We got a surprise wedding and a lot of laughs along the way. From the "dead bird" gag to the fantastic cold opening, this episode was hilarious.

    We also got a lot of heartwarming moments that this show seems to bring week by week. The Leslie & Ben thing has been very entertaining, loved that he took the job and stayed.

    Ugh, I really could have done without the Ann & Donna scenes. Why does Ann HAVE to be in a relationship? Every story line regarding Ann has to be about her in a relationship, is anyone else annoyed by this? Overall, this was a noteworthy episode of the season, looking forward in seeing how the rest of the season plays out.
  • April and Andy host a party for their friends.

    This episode was just so AWESOME!!!. It was funny and very unexpecting with what andy and april had planned. I thought them getting married was so sweet and i think it'll last. they seem really happy and those vows were just TOO SWEET! I also loved everyone making fun of Jerry's shirt. it was such a bad shirt and i cracked up at every joke they had. Also i loved chris's dancing. it was suprising to say the least. Another good thing was ben and leslie. they r really cute together and im glad he's staying in pawnee. in conclusion this is a must see episode. it'll keep u laughing from the beginning to the end.
  • Andy and April throw a dinner party while Ann goes on date-searching.

    Hopefully people weren't too invested in Ann's plot this week, because her appearance in the summary of my review is the only mention I'm going to have of her. In fact, my rating of this episode has nothing to do with Ann's plot. I'm pretending it doesn't exist, because as the show as progressed, it's become clear that there's not really any room for her anymore. She brought the idea of the pit to us, she brought us Andy, one of the funniest characters on TV, yet what is she doing here besides taking up space, having zero funny lines and being a bore? Okay, I lied.. I've been doing nothing but talking about Ann since the beginning, but here's where it ends.

    I love how the show took a done-to-death thing such as a wedding and did it in its own weird way. Parks and Recreation clearly doesn't play by anyone's rules anymore and just sort of does what it wants.. I absolutely love how the dinner party Andy and April throw (a done-to-death television trope in itself) and turn it into an impromptu wedding (I love it when someone in the show just says straightforward-like "The wedding is in four minutes," as if it's normal for people to get married like this.

    Now it may seem weird to some people that these two would get married so fast, but I feel like this couple defies television tropes.. they seem as if they're meant to be each other, Andy being the romantic idiot and April being the person who's closed off from everybody else except for Andy, who she can open up around.

    The episode was just a fun one with tons of great moments, touching ones and an impromptu wedding that makes sense in the context of the show. Tom trying to be the best best man, the entire cold open with Ron's tooth, Ron's speech about the burning effigy of his ex-wife, Chris dancing... just great stuff.