Parks and Recreation

Season 3 Episode 2

Flu Season

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 27, 2011 on NBC

Episode Recap

A flu epidemic has spread across Pawnee, placing April in the hospital and in close quarters with nurse Ann, a situation neither woman is thrilled with. April revels in making Ann's job more difficult than it needs to be, but Ann vows not to be broken by April's antics.

Meanwhile, Leslie, Ben, and Tom are tasked with finding businesses to lend their services to the upcoming Harvest Festival but normally gung-ho Leslie isn't feeling quite up to par.

Ron visits April at the hospital, bringing her magazines and lipstick ("girl stuff"), and she asks him not to mention to Andy that she's in the hospital. Elsewhere, Chris visits Ann (sporting a surgical mask to combat his intense fears of coming down with the flu), and confirms their date for the following evening. Ann reveals to the camera crew that while she likes Chris, she feels a little intimidated by how flawless he appears to be.

Meanwhile, at the Parks office, Ron struggles without April to act as buffer between him and the outside world and asks Andy to fill in as his assistant, hoping he'll prove to be just as ineffective as April.

Getting sicker by the minute, but still not willing to go home miss the Chamber of Commerce meeting, Ben convinces Leslie to at least get a check-up at the hospital but with Ann forced to admit Leslie due to high fever and Tom preferring to spend his time networking than preparing, it looks as though Ben will be left high and dry to handle this presentation himself.

Chris becomes the third member of the team admitted to the hospital and while he struggles with being sick, Ann just seems relieved to see a chink in his amour, "nothing like a complete physical breakdown to make a guy seem less intimidating."

Back at the office, it seems Ron has found the male energy he always felt the department lacked as Ron and Andy bond over food and football, and Ron even attempts to teach Andy the merits of Libertarianism. When Andy confides in Ron about his relationship with April, Ron feels obliged to tell Andy her true whereabouts.

Later, a very loopy Leslie surprises Ben by showing up at the Chamber of Commerce meeting and insists she take the lead on the presentation. Ben braces himself for disaster as Leslie gets up to the podium to speak but is blown away when Leslie is able to pull herself together and deliver an excellent presentation in spite of her raging illness.

Ann stops by April's room as her shift ends, finally able to unload on her as "Ann the person" and not "Ann the nurse." April appears to like this version of Ann much more than the calm, compassionate, version.

After she is readmitted to the hospital, Ben visits Leslie bearing gifts -- waffles from JJ's and homemade chicken noodle soup -- as well as good news, they have far surpassed the number of businesses they needed to green light Harvest Festival.

April pretends to be asleep when Andy visits her room, but seems pleased he stopped by.

Finally, Chris informs Ben that he wants to ask for an extension to stay in Pawnee, a plan Ben seems pretty enthusiastic about.

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