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Cast changes for Parks and Recreation -- pretty darned big ones, too.

Will the addition of Rob Lowe help or hurt Parks & Rec?

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    red_rhum wrote:

    Honestly the addition of Rob Lowe and Adam Scott is awesome. Paul Scheiner character's was always too much of a Jim Halpert clone and they gave him a proper way to go: finally getting an interesting job in the private sector.

    Just like Amy Poehler was a feminine version of Michael Scott, she is now a completely different character.

    This show is definitely on the right track !!

    I 100% agree with everyone you said. I absolutely adore Adam Scott... his character and his interactions with the rest of the cast has made the show even more enjoyable to watch if possible. I love the Chris/Ben combo... classic good cop/bad cop... and how Ben always gets stuck with the bad news. The show has been pretty great this season.

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    I love both Adam Scott and Rob Lowe. I'm used to seeing Lowe in Brothers and Sisters, playing a serious politician, and to then see him in this hilarious character is awesome. So great to see actors play so opposite roles, and I think he's doing and awesome job, as for Scott. I want him and Leslie to kiss asap!

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    I love Adam Scotts character but Rob Lowe's character seems a little one dimensional and slightly over the top. I though he was hilarious at first but I'd like to see some character development. I'm glad to see that they haven't over used him as of yet or forced him into story lines since he is the 'big star' of the cast..
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