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Parks and Recreation: What lies ahead?

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    Potential spoilers ahead.

    After having only discovered this show several days ago, and then having pumped out the entire first three seasons and what is out of season four I am having a hard time waiting (the admittedly short amount of time) until the new episodes come out after the break.

    I was hoping that maybe you guys were willing to share your thoughts on what lies ahead for the show in the remainder of the fourth season. For example do you think that it will be renewed for a fifth season etc...

    Personally, I'm hoping that we will get to see more of Tammy One and Tammy Two interacting together. Reckon it'd be hilarious. The biggest thing that I am wishing for is (and I know how unlikely this is so don't hate too much) for Andy and April to break up. They are kind of cute together I confess but I dunno, I've grown tired of their relationship... It's just so juvenile. Which yeah may be what makes it so quirky and funny, but I love how much Andy has "matoored" since season one and what with starting college, I just don't really want him to maintain that same babiness. Most of his maturing occurred when he was trying to prove himself to Ann, ever since he got with April he's just kind of ... well.. stopped. Point is, I'm praying for them to break up. They had a good run, but they should end it there. They also should have dragged out the whole Andy, April and Ann love triangle a little longer. Could have been amusing. Now I am fully aware that I am going to get flamed for saying this next thing, but what'd be perfect in my eyes would be if Andy and Ann got back together. I loved them, because they were just such an odd couple, yet you could tell that they both really had feelings for each other. It was just so heartwarmingly weird, kind of perfect for the show's overall atmosphere I think.

    But what do you guys all reckon? And what would you like to see happen in the show's future?


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