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    not sure if you guys knew this or not but Parks and Recreation was originally picked up by NBC to be an unnamed spinoff of The Office. Eventually the people behind both shows decided to separate it from The Office and put it in a setting of local government. Now, I love the setting of a local government, however, I am frustrated that they put it in a separate world from The Office.The two shows are far too similar in tone for producers to basically set them in different television universes. It would be even better if it was a spinoff. Just imagine characters guest starring in each other's shows. Michael Scott visits Pawnee. One of the best things about sitcoms in decades past would be that several were connected to each other and this would allow a two part story, etc. to run from one show to the other.

    Keep in mind: I am not saying that the show should revolve around a major character spun off from The Office; I am saying that the show (set up as it is now) should have been connected to the same television universe as The Office, which would allow stories, jokes to flow from one show to the other. They could have made it a spinoff by having Leslie guest star in a few episodes before the premiere of P&R. P&R would be the same but Pawnee could be located in Pennslyvania instead (it's fictional anyway). I also feel that Rashida Jones' P&R character should have been Karen Fillapelli instead of nurse Ann.

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    I remember this from years back. Their plan was the same one you had, to have Poehler guest star in a few episodes and then start the new show. To me that seems...flaky. I definitely think they made the right decision, as I don't care much for "gimmick tv" and in my opinion that's what spinoffs and crossovers are(especially crossovers). Not to say they can't be good, just not as likely as going with a fresh, standalone idea.

    I don't think P+R could be much better than it is now anyway.

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    I like that they went their own way, crossover tv shows always seem forced and gimmicky.. There actually is the webpage for the original idea still up.. not much on there though..;title;1
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    I think that The Office has been going downhill anyway, and that it was at its best in seasons 2 and 3, but it hasn't been nearly as funny since. Because of this, I'm really glad that P&R isn't a spinoff. I think it's very fresh and funny, and I think that had it been a spinoff it would have been too highly tied to the same old Office conventions. P&R is so much more flexible in its originality.
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