Parks and Recreation

Season 2 Episode 24

Freddy Spaghetti

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 20, 2010 on NBC
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Ben prevents Leslie from holding a children's concert, while Mark makes some huge decisions about his life.

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  • Season 2 Finale (warning possible spoilers)

    This was essentially a second part of the previous episode. It was just as great as the first part. April and Andy finally have their first kiss but comes after Ann kisses Andy. What I like about the kiss Ann had with Andy was that Ann started it and Andy's feelings for her did not come back. The doctor (who you see in previous episodes) was spot on. While Ron enjoys all these possible budget cuts (his lines was funny), I liked that he defends Leslie and tries to save her job. Ron's ringtone when Leslie calls him was very funny. You also see how Leslie does such a great job she can do in a limited time. What Ben does for Leslie was sweet and maybe sets up something between them. (see I told you did want to read this before you see the episode). This episode did what season finales do make you want what happens and be eager for Season 3.moreless
  • why does this show exist

    I can't believe this terrible show is still on. This episode was the farthest thing from funny. I probably should have started off by saying that I'm not a fan of parks and recreation, but I did see a few episodes (mostly because it comes on the same night as the office, 30 rock, and community). I don't see the appeal. Why do people enjoy this blatant Office copycat. I haven't seen this season as a whole but, the episodes i did see were worst than the terrible season 6 episodes of the office and believe me those episodes were terrible. They canceled My Name is Earl for this garbage. NBC needs to drop this show and the office immediately and make room for new blood.moreless
  • Ron finally gets his wish. Be careful what you wish for!

    I was afraid that Ron (Nick Offerman) would simply be doing the same smirking and smiling he did all throughout the last episode, but they found a really great way to turn things around and have him stand up and fight for Leslie's job. The fact that, as hands-off as he is, Ron was able to recognize the aptitude and enthusiasm of others was great, and it's one of the things that has totally made his character magical. I was realy hoping that we'd get to see a little more of Tom and Lucy's "courtship" since I really enjoyed seeing Tom let his guard down in front of her last week and act like a likeable human being. But now that they're almost instantly sleeping together he's back to being his usual self – which she doesn't seem to mind. I wonder, given the final reveal at the end of the episode with Ron and Wendy, if Ron is poised to scoop Lucy away from Tom as well.moreless
  • Pawnee shuts down

    I loved this episode, it had so many great elements and set up the plot and new character development that is going to take place in the third season. I love how both Chris and Ben seemlessly fit right into the rest of the cast. Rob Lowe is hilarious and is being used in the exact right way for the show because we are seeing a whole new side to him then what he has been doing recently. Adam Scott is hilarious and even though I'm sad that Party Down is canceled, it means that he is going to be on Parks and Rec. Him and Leslie have such great chemistry and I want to see where there relationship goes. April/Andy were beyond cute and with Ann stepping in to mess it up was a nice twist. Lucy continued to be awesome with Tom and the end with his ex and Ron was great. This episode is just another reason that I love this show!moreless
  • Not the BEST finale. But good.

    I was surprised by this finale. I felt like it was a bit low-key compared to other episodes of the season. I guess they wanted a sort of mini-drama coating for the government issues and departure of Mark Brandonowitz. However, I can understand why he is leaving the show - he's just sort of been autopilot in the relationship with Ann that never seemed to take off. I sort of wish that they had developed his shameful attraction to Leslie more. That would have been funny. However, I really love the introduction of Ben (played wonderfully by Adam Scott) and it surprised me when he came through for Leslie when she least expected it. I really hope they have a mini-romance, lol. Ron, as always, perfect - as well as April and Andy. Still, I wish the finale had been funnier.moreless
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Brian McCann

Freddy Spaghetti

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Julia Silverman


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Nicole Pettis


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Adam Scott

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    • Ben: Chris and I used to do auditing separately. Whenever Chris would do it, nothing would ever get it done. Whenever I would do it, I'd get death threats. It seems to work this way.

    • Leslie: Hello, Pawnee. I'm...Renata Ricotta. Freddy Spaghetti couldn't make it today. He bumped his noodle. (audience laughter) There was sauce everywhere. It was just streaming out of his face. It was really scary.

    • Andy: (about his fractured arm) Uh, is there any chance you can fix me in the next ten minutes?
      Dr. Harris: Sure. I'll just advance medical science 30 years.
      Andy: Great.

    • Andy: I don't even have children's songs. My last song I wrote was called "Sex Hair."
      Leslie: Well, just take the word sex and change it to pickle.
      Andy: (singing) You've got Pickle hair, baby and you got it from me.

    • Ron: (to Ben) Because of my libertarian beliefs, Leslie does 95% of the work. So you should lay me off. I'd be proud to be a casualty in this righteous war.

    • Andy: Give me a sec. Will you just stop and listen to me?
      April: No.
      Andy: Fine, I don't want to talk to you anyways. Reverse psychiatry.
      April: Fine. What?
      Andy: I like you. In a, you know, romantical kind of way.
      April: You do?
      Andy: Yes! Do me?
      April: Yes.
      Andy: Ha! So then...perhaps shall we go out this evening?
      April: No.

    • Chris: I know what'll loosen up our brains. A massage train. And I know what you're thinking. It's not that I want a massage. I'll be the caboose. And Ron Swanson is the locomotive.

    • Tom: (whispering) What are you doing here?
      Leslie: Hey, sorry. I need your help. Is this a bad time?
      Tom: Lucy's here, I'm in my sexy pajamas, I just took four benadryls to dull my sensitivity. Yes! It is a bad time.
      Leslie: You're about to have sex.
      Tom: Why else would Boyz II Men's "On Bended Knee" be playing right now?
      Leslie: Okay, I just want to give you a little advice, which is don't make it last really long. Ladies don't like that.

    • Leslie: How could you quit?
      Mark You know, not everyone has your enthusiasm for this work.
      Leslie: You know, I guess I've been mispronouncing your name all these years. Mark Brendana-quits.

    • Ann: Traditionally, when I end a long-term relationship, I'm a little fragile. And I have a tendency to do some reckless things. So I need to stay way from Chris.

    • Ben: Your department, all the way down here, is not a priority. And, frankly, you're not even supposed to be in the building, Leslie. You're non-essential.
      Leslie: That is not your call.
      Ben: I know. It's on your badge.

    • Ben: (About Leslie) What a surprise. The government has been shut down for two days. And one city employee has tried to schedule 14 meetings with me. Can you guess who?

    • Andy: Ron!
      Ron: Hello, Andy.
      Andy: It's quiet in here. Where is everyone?
      Ron: The government has shut down. It's in every newspaper
      How long is it gonna last?
      Ron: Well, if we're lucky, this building will be empty for months
      Andy: (outside) Wow. That is really bad timing. I just got his super-sweet-ass rad crotch rocket. I've always wanted one of these! But due to, you know, never having a job, I couldn't afford it until now. Got a really good deal on my lease. Paying like 12% interest. That's like one of the highest you can get.

    • Deb: School is out in two weeks. What am I going to do with my kids all day? Keep them in my house? Where I live?

    • Chris: I have run 10 miles a day, every day, for 18 years. That's 65 thousand miles. A third of the way to the moon. My goal is to run to the moon.

    • Chris: Ann Perkins!
      Ann: Chris...something.

    • Ben: Idaho cut their parks department by 80 percent. And Idaho is basically one giant park.

    • Guy: With the government shut down, who's going to stop Al Qaeda?

    • Tom: Ron Corleone! This really attractive woman is my girlfriend, Lucy.
      Ron: Hello Lucy.
      Lucy: Hi. (shakes Ron's hand)
      Ron: Whoa! Impressive handshake.
      Lucy: Thanks. My father told me that a limp handshake was for weak men and communists. He hated both.
      Ron: Well done, Tommy.

    • Ron: There are plenty of other options. For example, sell the zoo animals.
      Ben: Okay. To whom?
      Ron: Cosmetics labs... weird restaurants... I'm just spit-ballin' here.

    • Andy: I called you a cajillion times. Why didn't you call me back?
      April: Oh, I'm so sorry. I was too busy not wanting to talk to you.

    • Ron: I am an official member of a task force dedicated to slashing the city budget. Just saying that gave me a semi.

    • Mark: Recently, I had been thinking about leaving this job, but felt like I needed a sign. And then Ann broke up with me the week that I was going to propose; the government got shut down; and yesterday, one of those pigeons took a **bleep** on me and I was indoors, sooooo....

  • NOTES (3)


    • Tom: Ron Corleone! This really attractive woman is my girlfriend, Lucy.
      Tom calling Ron "Ron Corleone" is a reference to Vito and Michael Corleone (both called Don Corleone) of The Godfather and The Godfather II films.