Parks and Recreation

Season 2 Episode 16

Galentine's Day

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 11, 2010 on NBC

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  • Happy Galentines Day

    I have enjoyed this Valentines I mean Galentines episode. (spoiler alert) A relationship ends In Leslie and Justin. Justin is not a bad guy but something that turned me off about him. I am glad this episode ended Leslie's relationship. I am glad that it was not dragged on. I am also glad that Leslie was not hung up on Justin. It shows how far she has gone in her relationships with men. Another "relationship" ended in April. This is one I am glad it ended. This opens her up to Andy. I enjoyed seeing her genuinely smile at Andy's performance. This is one of the first few times where he dressed up and it didn't look out of place. Speaking of relationship, crack in Ann and Mark's one starts. Ann finds out that April has feelings for Andy. I think she has an interesting reaction. The funniest part is when Leslie and Justin got Frank. He was very creepy but in a funny way. As with most episodes check out the deleted scenes. You find out why Ron didn't want to be there. This was a enjoyable episode.
  • It's a Valentine's Day that brings a lot of big changes.

    This episode had some needed changes. It wasn't the most hilarious episode ever, and it lacked with the jokes, but it was still a needed episode to get the things that have bothered us out of the way. Well, the broke up a couple (no, but probably soon) and no one could say Justin and Leslie were the next Jim and Pam but well, he's kind of an ass. Leslie is a nice character and you are sympathetic and you root for her. Also, a love rectangle is about to occur with Andy/Ann/April/Mark. One couple is funny, one is useless (Ann/Mark) but they both need changes, fast to make the show better. Ron is also nice to Leslie and that's good that she has one friend, well sometimes. I am happy that Tom saw Wendy and that plotline was very funny. However, the Frank/Marlene plot wasn't so good. It's time for Andy to realize that April likes her, for Ann and Mark to break up, I'm in the show for the jokes, not the crappy romance of their love or whatever that is. It's such a good show though and at least "Galentine's Day" is better than the last couple of weeks.