Parks and Recreation

Season 6 Episode 17

Galentine's Day

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 20, 2014 on NBC
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A replacement BFF for Ann is sought by Leslie, who decides to throw an impromptu Galentine's Day with new friends. Elsewhere, Tom and Ben try to make a deal on tents for the Unity Concert; and Ron looks after Andy.

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  • Galentine's Day for Larry

    A terrific episode for Parks and Rec fans. And yes, We need a name. Leslie is feeling the loss of her bestie Ann Perkins, and can't get in touch with her even via phone chats, so she instigates a new gal-pal hunt along the lines of a gals only Valentine's day out. This may have made more sense if the episode actually aired in February, but NBC thoughtlessly pushed P&R back to air junk before the Olympics that I don't care half-felt apologies to whatever that was, I can't remember it, but I was holding a grudge.

    So anyway,it's the P&R Valentine episode, and Ann is gone. So Leslie naturally decides she needs to find a new best girl friend to at least fill some of the Ann void. The opening scene that shows why Ben doesn't fill that was funny, and kind of romantic, so why NBC is in last place with executives who make the decision to push shows like this back makes a lot of sense, they belong their for their idiocy.

    Pushing on, Leslie has a nice lunch with some of the regulars where she tries to judge them based on her friendship with Ann, And it is cute. And by the end of it I wanted to see more of them in the show, so if that was the writer's intentions, kudos.

    On one other front Ron was stuck with Andy on a survey, and Andy being Andy, he lost a tooth falling off monkey-bars. Ron was looking to get away from being a new dad to 3 children, Instead he had to be a dad to Andy. It was nice, but not the usual Ron Swanson funny. And Andy was damn near made to seem almost like an infant, which was a shame. His childlike view of the world is his best feature (at least since they changed his character from the start of the show when he was just a lazy layabout living with Ann). But every once in a while they have him step back from being undereducated and naive to being down right ***ed. This episode was one of those. It could have been worse, April could have been there to see it, and then been forced to explain why she loves a dolt, but instead it was Ron. And they had his character use the experience to embrace the banality of being a full-time parent.

    The other big storyline had Ben, om and Larry/Jerry/Gary on a mission to get tents for the upcoming festival. Ben, after spending his anniversary with LJG now likes LJG as a person, but he was afraid to admit it. Tom is still in the mode of making fun of LJG and blaming him for everything, so when Ben invites Larry out with them as they go to sign some contracts, Tom isn't happy. The talks with the tent guy were not the smooth ride they expected. And while they try to deal with it, Larry finds a solution, while also letting Ben know that he (Larry) understands why it isn't the best idea for Ben to defend Larry against insults by Tom, of April or the rest of the office.

    And at the end of the episode, Ben stands on a table in the middle of a meeting after the group insults him needlessly yet again to state that he likes Larry, and the fact that he still can't call him by his actual name even when he is trying to defend him seems that much funnier. And of course Larry spoils the moment with a long Larry fart

    And to end the episode, we get a nice cameo from the aforementioned Ann Perkins. It turns out the only reason she missed her call with Leslie was because she was actually in labor. Leslie rushes to Michigan to see Ann and her lovely multi-ethnic son in the hospital. they share a sweet moment, which I hope will not be their last. and Leslie goes back to Pawnee open to the idea that she may not find someone to replace everything she lost in Ann, but can find a few girlfriends who help fill the void a little.

    They do need to bring back the three ladies from the lunch more often. They were funny, there could be a lot of good scenes there if they bring them back.moreless

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