Parks and Recreation

Season 3 Episode 7

Harvest Festival

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 17, 2011 on NBC

Episode Recap

As a surprise to the department, who has been hard at work preparing for Harvest Festival, Leslie brings in a Pawnee legend -- Li'l Sebastian, a miniature horse that made his debut at the last Harvest Festival in 1987.

Leslie gets a visit from Ken Hotate, tribal leader of the Wamapoke Indians, who expresses concerns over the location of Harvest Festival, turns out the land was once a burial ground for his people. Leslie attempts to come to a compromise, but the tribal leader warns that a curse may befall them if the festival isn't moved.

While setting up the first aid tent, Donna encourages Ann to try a rebound relationship to get over Chris.

Pawnee Today's Joan Callamezo, desperate for a scandal, stops by the fair grounds for an exclusive pre-festival walk through with Leslie and Ben.

April tells Andy she loves him but doesn't quite get the response she was looking for when he replies "awesome-sauce!"

Tom takes over watching Li'l Sebastian for Jerry and hopes to be able to use the horse to promote his club, The Snakehole Lounge, but when Tom gets distracted by a phone call the "li'l" horse makes a break for it.

When Joan learns of the curse she begins planning a segment to inform the public and wonders out loud if Ben's past bad luck is following him on this project.

Meanwhile, Ann gets hit on by a meathead in the first aid tent but is still reluctant at the idea of 'hooking-up'.

Leslie sets up a press conference to reassure the public that Harvest Festival is not cursed, but when a generator blows out Ben fears he's jinxing the event for Leslie and takes off.

When the rest of the team gets stuck on the Ferris Wheel Ron is forced to act as the voice of reason when fighting breaks out between Tom and Jerry and April and Andy, and Andy finally returns April's "I love you."

Leslie is informed the only other generator in town big enough for the Harvest Festival is located at Ken Hotate's casino. Leslie cuts a deal with the tribal leader, agreeing to put a Wamapoke History Exhibit right past the entrance of the festival in exchange for the generator. Ken accompanies Leslie to another press conference where he performs a "secret ceremony" to lift the curse.

The team finds Li'l Sebastian, and Leslie assures Ben that despite past failures, he is not cursed.