Parks and Recreation

Season 3 Episode 7

Harvest Festival

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 17, 2011 on NBC

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    Another superb episode of Parks and Recreation. A feel good episode with a lot of outstanding moments. Parks & Recreation really is proving itself this year and it's easily becoming one of the best comedies on television right now, definitely made it up my "favorite shows" list. We got a lot of classic gags here from everyone picking on Jerry to the usual great interactions between the characters.

    The "I love you" thing is done to death, and the whole concept is incredibly cliche but I guess I like how Parks & Rec put their own spin on it, but I really thought Parks & Rec was better than a generic story line like this one, the ending involving Andy/April was a little predictable, but it was still entertaining regardless. I'm really liking the Leslie/Ben interactions, they're the next Andy & April for sure.

    Ugh, why is it the moment Ann becomes single, she has to hook up with another guy. This just proves that every story line involving her character has something to do with a relationship, whatever, I've gotten used too it by now. The Ferris wheel scene was the best, also the whole curse freak out was also quite hilarious. Overall, amazing episode with a feel good ending.