Parks and Recreation

Season 3 Episode 7

Harvest Festival

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 17, 2011 on NBC

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  • Leslie and the Parks Department do the Harvest Festival.

    If there's one thing I was slightly disappointed about with this episode, it's the fact that for such a huge plot point heading towards the middle of this season, the actual harvest festival didn't really make all that much of a splash. In fact, it was the day before the Harvest Festival that brought all the drama, and fortunately, every character (well, almost) is given some great scenes to work with.

    As far as I know, this was the first episode that the group filmed that wasn't filmed at the same time as Season 2, and it definitely doesn't show any differences. The show still has that tight writing that makes everything fire on all cylinders, and the plot itself made for good television. Leslie and the group prepare for the Harvest Festival when Leslie learns that the land they chose to do the festival on was an Indian burial ground for the Wamapoke indians. One of the owners of a local casino claims that there's now a curse on the land, which attracts the attention of Joan Callamazo (Pawnee's most ridiculous journalist) and other local news stations.

    We get to see how truly insane half of the town is as Leslie and Ben attempt to stop the rumors of the curse and while Ron, Andy, April, Jerry and the rest of the office try to find a missing mini-horse named Lil Sebestian. These two plots are what drive the episode, and overall, I must admit it comes out pretty good. I love Andy and April together, but their plot here felt lazy in comparison to the rest of the stuff going on. But I must say, "you are awesome-sauce" is such an Andy thing to say and it caught me off-guard and made me burst out laughing. Also, when the entire group gets stuck in the ferris wheel, Ron's summary of everybody's situation was amazing. And who can turn down a little Jerry hate (this time in the form of a "Jerry's fault" chant)? I don't even think Ann's plot is worth the time of day.. it was so random and gross and strange.

    At the end of the day though, Parks and Recreation has something that the rest of NBC's comedies don't: characters that are able to remain simultaneously dysfunctional and extremely likable. Michael Scott on The Office is hilarious, but most of the time lately, he's been irritating and immature. Same with Dwight. However, these characters have their ups and downs, but they're always fun to watch at the end of the day. This was a great episode to return from the month break, and I look forward to seeing some more episodes of this caliber.
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