Parks and Recreation

Season 4 Episode 1

I'm Leslie Knope

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 22, 2011 on NBC

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  • "Wow, your inbox is literallyfilled with penises."


    Yep, that above quote just about sums up the greatness of tonight's premiere. You can voice your opinion if you'd like, but in my opinion, Parks and Recreation is the best comedy on television right now. I don't care if Modern Family, a show that's great in its own right, wins Emmy for the next five years. In my eyes, Parks and Recreation has that perfect blend of smart writing, a cast with great chemistry and callbacks to previous episodes, plots and guest stars. The show will likely continue to flesh out its characters; it's obvious that there's still a lot more story for each character.

    The premiere was pretty low-key. I wish that they did different things with each character and I feel like there was a lot going on here, which meant some of the actors got drew the short stick and got less screen time, but for the most part, I was impressed with how well everything flowed. Leslie spent the episode trying to figure out whether or not she should break up with Ben and it was vintage Leslie as she struggled to figure it all out ("Umm, it's the ladies yacht club!") Ron runs away from his duties as the department manager after he learns that Tammy One, his ex-wife (played menacingly by Patricia Clarkson) has returned to give him an audit. He hides out in a cabin with a giant beard and his mustache quivers whenever she approaches him. Good stuff.

    There's also a great side-plot involving Joe, the sewage guy, sending a picture of his unmentionables to the entire department. Ann, the astute nurse that she is, notices that he has larger than normal testicles and says he has the mumps. Soon enough, her inbox starts getting filled to the brim with pictures of other men's junk. It's a plot that would've probably been even better in an episode that already wasn't bogged down by ridiculous stuff, but it gave Rob Lowe a chance to get some good lines (any idea of why he looked so frazzled the whole episode?) and Anne to have a great recurring gag where her phone beeps every time she gets a picture from a guy.

    We get a little bit of stuff with Andy and April, who barely have to try to be hilarious, and even less with Tom, which disappointed to me. In fact, I think that's the reason I wanted more from the episode. There was just too much to resolve from last season and it meant sacrificing the laugh-per-minute quota in exchange for some development. But I have high hopes. I've heard next week's episode is great, so there's that to look forward to!