Parks and Recreation

Season 3 Episode 11

Jerry's Painting

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 2011 on NBC

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  • A Painting and Ben moves in with April and Andy

    While another fine episode, I felt like that the previous episode, this was lacking a bit. What saved this episode from being mediocre was the B Story. If the Ben moving in was the main story, this would be rated higher. The A Story was not bad, I am just not a fan of art. There were some funny parts. Orion as usual was great. Check out the deleted scene with him. The best story was with Ben moving in and helping April and Andy. It kind of remands me of The Odd Couple. I liked how while Ben was giving all of this advice to Ann and April, he was not talking down to them. My favorite part was when Andy maid the prediction that Leslie and Ben would be together. One reason I rated this episode lower was because this was a shorter season and would have been better if this was done in a full season.
  • Jerry gets Pawnee riled up about a painting.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again: what makes Parks and Rec. stand out above The Office, Modern Family and 30 Rock (I'd say Community, but I see the two shows as equally great in different ways) is that the city that the show takes place in is as much a character as any other major character on the show. In this episode, where Jerry paints a risque image (Leslie in centaur form, topless, shooting a deer.. something that's funny in and of itself), it's not just the office that gets up in arms about it.. it's the entire town. Is there any show where an entire town gets upset about something so menial? In the meantime, the episode not only gives us its usual level of laughs but also another great look into Pawnee life.

    I liked both the subplot here and the main plot. The subplot finds Ben moving in with Andy and April and soon discovers that they are the messiest people alive. Andy and April make any plot they get now an instant classic.. they're hilarious together, and watching them fry marbles, eat food out of frisbees and shoot Ben with a marshmellow gun (yes, those exist) is hilarious. And watching Ben grow in the process is pretty cool too.

    We also get a reprise of that horrible woman from the "Pawnee Zoo" episode, the one who made the two penguins get a divorce, and also Perd Hapley, who is a ridiculous talk show host who seems clueless at times and only fuels the city's ability to believe in weird things. It's the small characters like these that make the show stand out so much from other similar shows.

    There's numerous other moments in the episode that were great (Ron's speech to the art crowd, Tom claiming that he's cultivated a "Jay-Z" vibe over the years with women, Ben trying to sneakily peek at the naked drawing of Leslie, Chris stepping up and showing his somewhat nasty side). And there wasn't too much random Ann moments, which made for an overall good episode.
  • 311

    Parks & Recreation continues with this great extended installment. The story line itself was a little ridiculous but that's what really made it all the more interesting. I was definitely more interested in the subplot though which was the case last week too.

    Ben moves in with Andy & April, and ends up organizing their home. I liked the Ben & Leslie development, we got a lot of funny back-and-forths from them and I'm interested in seeing how their friendship plays out throughout the rest of the season.

    Andy & April were without a flaw as usual. Thank god Ann didn't have some contrived story line about some guy this week as usual. Aziz Anzari also had some genuinely funny lines. Great episode, and a good followup to the extended Office, hopefully this episode helped the show gain a few more viewers.