Parks and Recreation

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 2009 on NBC
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Insipred by the idea of "National Service Week", Leslie and the Parks Department volunteer to help build a playground alongside a community group called "KaBOOM".

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  • Something happens to the pit

    This episode was better then the last one and one of the best of the early season. One of the highlights was Leslie and Andy working togther. Both are postive people in different ways and it works well togther. When Andy showed to Ann's house naked with no shame was hilarous. I also like he was not being pervy about it. This was imporant episode fot the pit. II don't want to spoil it but something imporant happens to it. This episode was imporant in Parks and Rec moving forward.moreless
  • The pit gets filled.

    Basically more park development in this episode so that's always fun to see. Finally the pit is filled! First Leslie & Ann do it out of spite. When it hit Andy, that was hilarious. Plus the whole lawsuit revolving around the first plot is just hilarious. My favorite line: "Lets pretend Jerry was never born, and this board was blank" Hilarious. Also when Andy tries to get Ann back in the hospital room, Ann's expression is priceless! In the end, huge park development! Yay! The pit gets filled, and I hope the park gets done by the end of the season, so we can start with NEW ARCS! :) Great developed episode.moreless
  • One of the better episodes this season, but a pretty stupid ending

    Laughs were a-plenty in this episode of Season 2, one of the best ones yet. Besides April, every character had some instances where they got to stand out and have some good lines.

    The episode revolves around Leslie's attempts to finally get the pit filled in once and for all. This has been an on-going plot point since the Pilot episode, so it was good to see them finally giving some closure to it, especially after referencing it multiple times in the last few episodes. However, after attending a Ka-Boom rally where a guy named Keith is building parks in one day, she gets the motivation to try and do the same: fill it in one day. Her carefree attitude and attempts to get it done fast end up leaving Andy in the hospital after a backhoe drops a pile of rocks on him.

    The episode then turns into a three-way plot between Andy, Leslie and Ann as Leslie tries to get what she wants AND avoid being sued by Andy. Starting here, the funny moments just come one right after the other, including Andy's naked entrance, the lawyers (watch them and you'll see what I mean) and Ron's outburst at Leslie.

    The only thing that sort of ruined the episode for me was the ending.. having Keith be some weird creepy mastermind that goes around the country bilking towns out of money seems weird and unlikely.. other then that, I really enjoyed this episode and have really enjoyed Season 2 of Parks and Recreation.moreless
  • Not as much a KABOOM as you'd want it to be.

    This episode wasn't great, in fact, it was one of the worst so far in Season Two. First of all, the mockumentary format isn't being used at all. "Parks and Recreation" also lacks real character development. Even though this episode managed to be really funny, especially the cold open with Leslie's receipt and Ron using ka[boom] at the start of every word, this episode is low quality for this show. The ending of this good episode was horrible. Although Paul Scheer's character made this episode a bit better, that ending was totally unrealistic (even for "P&R" standards and it wasn't even that funny.moreless
  • The Pit gets dealt with, and two fantastic guest stars.

    Okay, the guest star power keeps getting more awesome-and maybe a little more obscure. Paul Scheer shows up in this one as a charity organizer who gets people to build playgrounds in one day, then, after Andy gets concussed in an accident at the pit, H. Jon Benjamin shows up as the cities lawyer because Andy threatens to sue (to get money so he can get Ann back, of course). Scheer makes sense because of the Ansari/Human Giant connection, which makes sense. H Jon shows up because. . . he's H Jon and, therefore, is hilarious. I'm not sure if he's worked with the people on the show before, but if he did, I'd check it out. The fact that this episode progresses one of the longest dropped threads of the show, The Pit, means that the show becomes fluid and linear-something, again, that we don't see often enough in sitcoms, which are often stagnant and gag-based. I get it, episodic, sure. But lets continue growth in our television shows, people.moreless
Paul Scheer

Paul Scheer

Keef Slertner

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H. Jon Benjamin

H. Jon Benjamin

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Christian Tallman

Christian Tallman

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Jim O'Heir

Jim O'Heir

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    • Nurse: The monitor is NOT a toy, Andy
      Andy: Anything is a toy if you play with it

    • Creditor: We noticed some abnormal activity on your credit card, so we just need you to confirm or deny the recent charges.
      Leslie: Oh, okay, thank you.
      Creditor: $20 to Netflix?
      Leslie: Yup.
      Creditor: $20 to Blockbuster online?
      Tom: Both?
      Leslie: I needed all eleven discs of Gossip Girl at the same time.

    • Leslie: Hey, can I smoke in here?
      Ron: You don't smoke.
      Leslie: Just asking if I can.
      Ron: Are you high?
      Leslie: I'm high on Ka-boom. Don't ask for permission, ask for forgiveness.
      Ron: That's right, you never did ask me for permission, did you? Well, I'm sorry to burst your ka-bubble, but I just had my ass ka-handed to me by the City Manager, and now this entire department is ka-screwed.
      Leslie: Ron, I am so, so, so sorry
      Ron: What the ka-f**k were you thinking?

    • Leslie: How does taking riskd make me feel? Amazing. Tingling sensation throughout my whole body. I feel flushed; my muscles are relaxed, yet I feel awake; just waves of pleasure. I wish there was something physical that could make me feel this way.

    • Mark: Would you break the rules?
      Leslie: I won't murder.
      Mark: That's good to know.

    • Andy: I thought I'd give back to those less fortunate than myself.
      Ann: You live in a pit.
      Andy: Not anymore. Livin' with the drummer in my band. Livin' indoors. Pretty cool. Not to brag. Pretty hard not to.

    • Leslie: Just think of all the kids who'll swing on this swing: fat kids, skinny kids, brainiacs, sluts, gay drama kids, goths, jocks, the alternative crowd....

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