Parks and Recreation

Season 3 Episode 16

Lil' Sebastian

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 19, 2011 on NBC

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  • Season 3 Finale

    A season finale is supposed to end on a good note and make you look forward to the next season. This did not disappoint. From Season 2, when we meet Chris, he has always been a very positive person. In this episode, it was something different. While this was unusual to see him like this, it was kind of funny to see. The scene with the doctor was very funny. The main part with the Memorial was great to see. I think the site was on the old lot. I wished that they would've have mentioned it. That's my only complaint about this episode. I like that Ron was genuinely upset that didn't get to lay the wreath. It's something you didn't expect. Also enjoyable was how Leslie and Ben tried to hide what happened with them to keep everyone from finding out. On a small note remember what the guy was wearing when he caught Ben and Leslie kissing. It will come up later. Two scenes that were funny that involved Leslie and Ben were when Ron played the message when Ben accidentally butt dialed him and the cube butt scene. I really liked Andy's song. I also like how Andy was really into April being his manager. This was probably one of the better episodes of the season and a great way to end the season.
  • The funeral procession for L'il Sebastian takes place.

    Who would've thought that a tiny horse that was introduced in an episode early this season would have such a large impact on the rest of the season finale of the third season of Parks? I know I didn't, but I'm very glad the writers decided to go in this direction. The episode was filled with some great game-changing moments, as well as some smaller, equally hilarious moments.

    Yes, the episode focuses on the funeral of L'il Sebastian, and we also get multiple plots dovetailed into this. There's Leslie and Ben's continuous efforts to keep their affair hidden from the office, something that ultimately fails after Ron freakin' Swanson (who hilariously cries at the news of L'il Sebastian's death) gets butt dialed by Ben and hears Leslie and him role playing as Ruth Ginsburg and Ronald Reagan. It's a great moment where we see once again how Ron likes Leslie enough to cover for her and not let her get in trouble. We get Tom and Jean-Ralphio creating some sort of production company with money Jean Ralphio made from getting his foot run over by a car.. they use this company to cater the funeral for the horse. There's also a minor plot involving Chris and his fear of death after the horse dies.. he sees some parallels between them.

    There was just so much going on here that it's a wonder the writers didn't lose control of the story. Instead, we got a fantastic look into all of these characters, while we also got a final few minutes that could potentially change many of the characters' lives, unlike the Office finale, which was hugely anti-climatic and extremely disappointing. Here, we see Leslie facing the prospect of not only running for a City Council seat but also having the entire town learn of her affair with Ben, Chris possibly dating Anne again, Tom leaving the department to work with Jean-Ralphio and Ron meeting his first ex-wife Tammy, who we never see on screen.

    And as for individual moments, we get them in spades, whether it's Jean-Ralphio's insane quotes to various characters, the horse pooping on stage, Ron's eulogy about the horse, Andy's "5000 Candles in the Wind" song or the return of Detlef Schremph (!). So many funny moments crammed into twenty minutes.. it's hard to see why this show doesn't get more recognition from award ceremonies. I hope this is the year it gets that recognition.
  • Season 3 Finale

    Well, Parks & Rec has done it again. It's finale was way better than that of The Office's. The whole little horse funeral was a bit far-fetched but considering all the eventful things that happened in the episode, I didn't mind it.

    People are finding out about Ben & Leslie, they redefine the relationship and Leslie gets quite a job opportunity. I'm interested in seeing where this goes with Leslie in the spotlight next season and her real job at risk.

    Tom leaving the Park Department really could have been done better in my opinion, but it was still a fine plot regardless. Overall, the finale was a success and it definitely sparked my interest for next season. The Office did the opposite of that unfortunately but at least I know this show still remains strong quality-wise.