Parks and Recreation

Season 3 Episode 16

Lil' Sebastian

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 19, 2011 on NBC

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  • R.I.P. Lil Sebastian

    This I thought was a very good season finale to a good season even if it wasn't on the same level as season two in my book. A great big funeral for a little horse has to be one of the daftest and funnest things I've ever seen that horse has some power over the people of Pawnee, the only other time I've ever seen a big funeral for an animal was the Elephant funeral in the horror film "Santa Sagare" I'm not kidding.

    What I really liked in the episode was everone had something to do and there were some game changers that will be applicable to the next season. From Chris, I really love how he is panicing over the possibility of death even though he really isn't going to die, but at the same time you can empahsize a bit with that fear because death isn't a plesant thought after all. But I liked that interaction with Ann which was plesent.

    Ron is great as usual, I liked that verbal jokes about the flag not going all the way and that small speach on the times he cried one where he got hit by a school bus when he was 8 (how the heck did he survive that). And the visual joke on lighting the eternal flame which unfortunately synged his mustashe and eye brows. Plus that small moment with his ex wife, loved what he said to her it was comic bronze.

    And the little moments with Andy and April whom weren't in the episode that much but their moments were good. I liked that first draft of the song Andy was going to sing for the funeral, "Your the Chanpion of Death" comic bronze. But he did construct a song "5000 Candles in the Wind" which was acutally really good. But the best moments were with both Lesile and Ben as they are doing everything they can to keep their relationship and jobs intact. I really loved hearing that accendental recording of their sex role play game they were doing which I'll admit was unusal but hillarous. And at the same time you do feel sympahpthy for the two, it's easy to emphasize with personally I always felt the no romance with anyone in the office policy is stupid, the thing is we don't really chose who we love or want to have a relationship with, two people are bound to connect one place or another, it's human nature you can't stop this.

    For the game changers we see that look that Chris gives Ann and it looks like he is starting to reconsider what he's done. Discovering Ron has another ex wife, I wonder who the next guest will be and how that conflict dynamic will go. Tom starting up his business, hopefully he'll keep in touch with the character which he probably will cause knowing Tom I have a feeling the business won't last. Andy and April's relationship has taken another step. But most of all Lesile's dream is finally about to come true but would that mean her dream of romance with Ben will end? Only time will tell, till next season.
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