Parks and Recreation

Season 3 Episode 5

Media Blitz

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 2011 on NBC

Episode Recap

Leslie, Ben and Tom are gearing up for a barrage of interviews to promote the upcoming Harvest Festival while Ann, unsure of their future, keeps trying to hint to a seemingly dense Chris that she'd be willing to move to Indianapolis with him. April agrees to do just that, and accepts the position of Chris's assistant, and Andy, desperate to change her mind, agrees to do every task that April hates for a full month in hopes of being forgiven.

The Harvest Festival team's first stop is local radio show "Crazy Ira and The Douche." Leslie tries to hit all her talking points about the festival but the DJ's appear to be more interested in Ben's history. Ben becomes monosyllabic and rattled when his past failure as the teen mayor of his hometown is dredged up.

Watching Andy struggle, Ron agrees to help with April's list. It turns out he's also afraid of losing April -- he'd never be able to find a worse assistant.

After the disaster at the radio station, Leslie decides to do the newspaper interview alone and sends Ben with Tom to the usually kindhearted news program 'Ya Heard? With Perd.' Neither party is able to avoid questions about Ben's past, however, and Ben has a near meltdown on 'Ya Heard?'

Andy continues to run down April's list and attempts to pick her younger sister, Natalie, up to go to dance Realizing Andy's true feelings for her sister, Natalie decides to mess with him and calls neighborhood security. Once it is revealed he's in a car that he "borrowed" and his license is "crazy expired", it's not long before the security guard has him cuffed and on the ground.

Leslie attempts to do damage control by appearing on Pawnee Today but when Ben's past still proves unavoidable she forces Ben to join her on set and finally air everything out.

Elsewhere, Ron approaches April and advises her not to play with Andy's emotions, to either forgive him or cut him loose; and Ann finally comes out and asks Chris about their future, which he agrees is a conversation they need to have.

Back at the studio Leslie's attempts to stop Ben from spiraling again appear to be working as he gains some confidence while fielding phone calls from concerned citizens.

April visits Andy's shoeshine and is taken aback when he tells her he's ready for another list, surprised he's willing to take more abuse April decides it's time to forgive him and surprises him with a kiss, instead.
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