Parks and Recreation

Season 3 Episode 5

Media Blitz

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 2011 on NBC

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  • Ben Wyatt a.k.a Icetown.

    I've always like Adam Scott as an actor. I loved him in Party Down, he's hilarious in Step Brothers and he's proven himself to be able to do drama roles, particularly in "The Vicious Kind." In this show, when he first appeared in the second season, I wasn't sure how I felt at first. When he first appears on screen, he appears very rigid and uncomfortable in Pawnee, and of all the characters in the show,I found him the least funny. Then we learned he was the mayor of a town at age eighteen and bankrupted the town and Ben Wyatt went from grumpy city servant to hilarious and intriguing character. He's half Henry Pollard, half... well, I think he's mostly Henry Pollard but still.

    This episode focused on Leslie and the group attempting to do a media blitz in order to spread the word about the Harvest Festival, which is just two weeks away. However, one interesting thing we learn in this week's episode is that Ben Wyatt is a terrible public speaker. We were given hints at this last episode, when we saw Ben screwing up the conversations with the police chief, but it's a testament to the strength of the show that they can reveal a little personality quirk and not elaborate and bring it back a couple episodes later in full form.

    Ben's quotes in this episode were superb.. his reaction to learning everyone uses "Alta-Vista," the "More like Turd Crapley" line, as well as countless other moments when Leslie, Tom and Ben visited a radio show that has the word "Douche" in it and uses fart sound effects way too much. Adam Scott was fantastic here, and if the episode was just following him around, I still would rate it high.

    However, we also have Andy doing what he does best: trying to do stuff for April. I was worried that we'd get a season long plot of April leading Andy on, but due to some great "fishing" advice from Ron Swanson, we get to see the two lovebirds hook up. And Ron's typewriter = hilarious.

    I love Parks and Recreation, if everyone couldn't tell, and I just love the way we get such a rich detailed account of these Pawnee citizens and their lives. Just one request: please don't let Adam Scott and Rob Lowe leave the show. They're great in their roles and if they do go to Indianapolis, I hope there's a way to keep them in the show still.