Parks and Recreation

Season 2 Episode 19

Park Safety

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 18, 2010 on NBC

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  • Jerry gets hurt

    After a bit of a letdown, in the last one, this was a better one. Another great character is introduced in Carl. He is very funny and kind of reminds me loud Howard from Dilbert. Maybe it's the producers and writers of Parks and Recreation or the character (Andy Samberg) but like Jon-Ralphio, Carl comes off very likeable. I like how he shouts but not yells at people. The only part of this episode was how Jerry got injured but even that was funny. Not many episodes feature Jerry as the central character and this was a hilarious. one. As is common throughout the whole series Jerry is the butt (sometimes literally). This episode you find out why. Another funny part was Ron self defense class. It was funny seeing Andy trying to escape Ron's hold. While a small part, this episode was important in bringing together of Andy and April and Andy getting over Ann. Ann realizes that Andy is starting to change. A great episode through and through.
  • Such a hilarious episode!

    Wow, this episode was hilarious. It is the best one so far just barely beating out Hunting Trip. "Dang Jerry, you jumped in a creek for a burrito...what would you do for a Klondike bar? Kill your wife?" best line ever...I was laughing so hard. And Andy Samberg was great! I hope he comes back again for another episode. April was especially hilarious as always. This is one of the only shows I have ever watched that make me literally laugh out loud. And it was also funny when Jerry was messing up on his presentation and everyone was trying not to laugh. The show just contains so many amazing actors.
  • A mugger on the loose...

    Andy Samberg was flat out annoying in this episode. I feel like they could have done something much funnier between him and Amy Poehler because they are/were both so great on SNL. The loud voice thing was just unnecessary with how funny he can be, but it was used great in the final sequence during the news show with Joan whose guest appearances are always hilarious. Jerry's character was great in this episode and the whole "welcome back" thing where they tried to be nice was a good example of just how silly and ridiculous this show can be. A good episode, just not my favorite.
  • Baby in a straightjacket.

    While not the best, this episode was great. April asking if Jerry's dog's name was an odd sex act, Jerry farting after ripping his pants when everyone was trying not to be nice to him because he (supposedly) was hurt by a mugger. Jerry has always been the subject of the joke, and this trend continues. Ron and everyone else going to the dojo to be taught by Ron was funny, too, and was reminiscent of The Office's dojo-Dwight-Michael episode. Pretty much everything was great, except a few things. Mark and Ann, who are already boring, became even more boring in this episode. It's sad that by far one of the best shows on TV (possibly the most consistent) is being weight down by them. April and Andy remain some of the most funniest characters on the show, and that's good, at least they have one relationship down. Andy Sandberg talking loud was very annoying and over the top. It shows this show should use Donna, Tom, Ron, Leslie, April, ect., on the show rather than guest stars. I'll be surprised if the upcoming Rob Lowe stint goes well....

    Still good despite it's flaws.