Parks and Recreation

Season 4 Episode 4

Pawnee Rangers

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 13, 2011 on NBC

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  • I'm always surprised that people don't rate this show higher!


    This episode was my favorite of the season. I loved that they had some time for Donna and Tom with Ben! You don't often see Donna much in the episodes, and although she's not my favorite character, I thought it was done well. My favorite parts were: "TREAT YO-SELF!", Ron's silent treatment, Ben's acupuncture stress, Ben's awesome batman suit that turns to tears, the public forum and the awkward Jerry/Chris interaction.

    I'm glad there was more Ben in this episode especially, I was missing my Adam Scott time!

  • Leslie and Ron have their camping groups face-off.


    I'd be one of the first people to over-rate Parks and Recreation episodes. I have a love for this show that differs from other comedies I watch. I just love the cast and I feel like the show is always coming up with original storylines for their characters so nothing seems dull. This episode was great in the sense that it showed characters we love doing the things that make us love those characters; however, story-wise, I found it to be sort of like an early Season 2 episode. Right now, this show has been on a steady rise, never slowing down for a second for a filler episode. Everything has been fantastic. This episode was a bit of a lull.

    We get a typical Ron Swanson plot: Ron takes a group of boys into the woods for a camping night called the "Pawnee Rangers." As one might expect, Ron provides the kids with only a box, a canvas and a can of beans and tells them their one rule: "Don't get killed." Leslie, meanwhile, feels like girls should be able to join the fun, so she creates her own group called the PawneeGoddesses and does things that are WAY funner than Ron's group, like have Puppy Parties.

    Eventually, one of the boys decides he wants to switch sides and creates tension between Leslie and Ron. Leslie claims she's funner while Ron claims he's doing a legitimate service. Meanwhile, back at the office, Chris begins dating Jerry's daughter and Tom and Donna take Ben out to "treat hisself." They're depressed looking at Ben moping over Leslie and try to make him happy. It gives us some hilarious lines and one of Adam Scott's best performances yet.

    All in all, the episode was hilarious. It had a ton of great quotes, specifically from Andy and April and Tom, and even the supporting cast, such as Donna and Jerry, had a ton of stuff to do. However, I thought that compared to the rest of the season, this episode was a bit weaker. It definitely could've been better. But it's not as if it's bad. I just don't want people to see 7.5 and be wondering why it's so low. Some episodes are better than others and I thought this was a lesser one in comparison to the last couple of seasons.