Parks and Recreation

Season 2 Episode 1

Pawnee Zoo

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 17, 2009 on NBC

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  • Season 2 Premire

    This was a great start to Season 2. This was also the start of Parks and Recreation of being the great show it is today. This was the first episode that where the pit was not the main story. I think it's funny that Andy is living in it. This was the start to the beginning to the loveable dork that Andy is today. It's funny how he be "responsible" when he comes to Ann's house. I also also enjoyed because this was a step up for the character of Leslie. It shows that she is getting over Mark. There was a slight hesitation when Ann told Mark asked her out but then she was over it. A recurring character is introduced with Joane Calizmo. She is a good character. The scene in the gay bar was great. If you watch this on DVD, catch out the deleted scenes. They are funny. An overall solid episode.
  • Season 2 brings.. mostly more of the same, but there's no denying it's funny.

    I don't think that Parks and Recreation will ever completely evade being placed next to The Office.. the format is too similar and some of the characters have the same exact personalities. However, that doesn't mean the show isn't trying to avoid being pigeonholed and that the show isn't funny, because the premiere tonight certainly impressed.

    Leslie accidentally marries two male penguins as part of a publicity stunt for a local zoo and ends up causing a huge town wide fiasco. While the gay community views her as a hero (listen to April treat her like Harvey Milk, and Leslie's reaction to their support.. it's hilarious), another local group tries to get her to resign.

    The episode was topical and had some great lines from Leslie, Tom and Andy.. and the cold open was hilarious. However, some of the jokes (the two penguins humping each other is the first to jump to mind) just fell flat and made the show feel more juvenile than it is. It's not like Parks and Recreation is the smartest comedy on TV, but it's definitely better then stupid sight gags like that.

    I wasn't too excited about this show coming into September, but I kind of remember why I liked the show earlier this year now.. Definitely looking forward to some new episodes (and hoping the number of viewers rise)
  • Poker Face

    Parks and Recreation,
    Pawnee Zoo,
    - The episode starts off with Leslie dancing around singing Parents Just Dont Understand. With everybody liking what she is doing. With Ron trying to tell her something info, when she finishes he tells her that somebody is on fire and they need her - show opens. Leslie sets her sight on the local zoo with throwing a birthday for a bird and trying to help monkey throw a hat instead of it's poop. Fail, then she marrys two penguins, afterwards they set to hump each other and she finds out that they are both male. Mark is acting different ever since he fell into the pit last season. Asking Ann on a date to her dismay. Leslie get's a party in her honor from a gay bar that is behind Ron's house. However the people from the ssfs want Leslie to step down and get out off office because she spent tax payers money and they want to get rid of the marriage. At the bar she becomes more into her cause and belives she is right. She goes onto a local news show and fights the ssfs only to find out everybody wants her to step down even little children. In the end Leslie sends the birds to iowa, however she puts them in her car and escapes. Ann's exboyfriend Andy shows up at her door asking her back. Ann finds out that she has a stable job now. However she denies him and he leaves. While we find out that Andy doesnt have a job but actually lives in the pit making sure nothing bad happens to ann. Overall i went into this episode with low expetations and i wasnt let down. I was finally happy to see the plot not about the pit and something else. The episode was actually very funny and i can tell that she show is coming into it's own and not the office anymore.
  • Second Season Premiere

    Pretty much my first episode I watched of this series. And just to let you know. I hate the office. I think it's an unfunny stupid show. I'm not a big fan of NBC Comedies anymore. I love Friends. Will & Grace, but when those and other traditional comedies ended I didn't watch their comedies anymore. I love Amy Poehler I think she's hilarious. So when I heard she was getting her own show I cheered. From the creators of the office. I booed. The first season did not grab my attention at all. watched like 3 minutes total of the whole season. I actually thought this episode was really funny. I loved when Leslie was singing Parents Just Don't Understand in the beginning and when she was at the gay bar. Poker Face my my Poker Face. haha. And on the Pawnee Today Show. haha. I'll watch the next episode, but I might have to watch online since I'm going to watch Vampire Diaries and FlashForward at 8 on NBC.
  • A great first episode for this second season of Parks and Recreation

    This first episode was just as good as what we saw at the end of season 1. All the right ingredients were there, including the silliness of Amy Poehler, or at least of her character on the show. The gay penguin wedding at the zoo was a cute idea and I love how she tries to defend herself all along by saying "but it was cute, damn it"!. It's funny also how she needs to be popular and how she can't resist and gives in when the gay crowd starts cheering and chnating her name in the club. Great premiere!
  • A great season opener.

    Parks & Recreation returns for their second season. And their not failing to impress. I have to say I am falling in love with this show. The season premiere reintroduced basically all the characters. Picked up where it left off. Anne left her boyfriend. Anne treated Mark, so now they have become closer. And now Leslie is totally fine with Anne & Mark dating, lets see how that develops. The whole gay penguins storyline was very original. That's why I love this show. It doesnt reuse things. The interview on where Leslie stands is also hilarious. A great season opener that reintroduced everyone.
  • "Pawnee Zoo" is the beginning of a whole new "Parks and Recreation." And, fortunately, it's so much better.

    Here it is. The transition from the mediocre season one to the marvelous, smart, and hilarious season two begins. And even though this episode isn't the best by any means or even better than the gut-busting Season One finale, "Rock Show," it's sure better than most shows these days. It all starts with Leslie trying to do a great thing for the town and especially the Pawnee Zoo. To make it "cute", Leslie marries two penguins. However, they're both male. It starts an outrage-Leslie doesn't know what to do. Leslie, too her hatred, becomes a gay icon and then she starts going crazy. Meanwhile, Ann and Mark go on an awkward date but it all works out in the end. This episode had many funny moments but didn't quite-get there for some reason. It never hit it too high and not every character had a time to shine. All the plotlines were great, not excellent, so I'm not really sure on this episode. Looking back, this show needed to be more fun and Leslie needed to stop being the show's punching bag, but I just don't get some of the things. It was a weird first episode, but the start of some better things on the horizon of "P & R."
  • The show becomes something more than its previous self; characters become less like Office characters.

    All of my fears for the show at the end of season 1 (that it shares too much with The Office, that the characters are vague archetypes, etc) are alleviated here; Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) suddenly veers away from being too much like Michael Scott and becomes more lucid and intelligent, if still a little confused and awkward (which is all the better for Poehler); in this episode she becomes a aware, conscious character, able to weigh opposing pressures. On top of that, Tom becomes more vital and fleshed out, and Ann manages to come off as more thinking and less reactive. All in all, a better show.

    Also, gay penguin marriage. Awesome.