Parks and Recreation

Season 2 Episode 1

Pawnee Zoo

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 17, 2009 on NBC

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  • Poker Face

    Parks and Recreation,
    Pawnee Zoo,
    - The episode starts off with Leslie dancing around singing Parents Just Dont Understand. With everybody liking what she is doing. With Ron trying to tell her something info, when she finishes he tells her that somebody is on fire and they need her - show opens. Leslie sets her sight on the local zoo with throwing a birthday for a bird and trying to help monkey throw a hat instead of it's poop. Fail, then she marrys two penguins, afterwards they set to hump each other and she finds out that they are both male. Mark is acting different ever since he fell into the pit last season. Asking Ann on a date to her dismay. Leslie get's a party in her honor from a gay bar that is behind Ron's house. However the people from the ssfs want Leslie to step down and get out off office because she spent tax payers money and they want to get rid of the marriage. At the bar she becomes more into her cause and belives she is right. She goes onto a local news show and fights the ssfs only to find out everybody wants her to step down even little children. In the end Leslie sends the birds to iowa, however she puts them in her car and escapes. Ann's exboyfriend Andy shows up at her door asking her back. Ann finds out that she has a stable job now. However she denies him and he leaves. While we find out that Andy doesnt have a job but actually lives in the pit making sure nothing bad happens to ann. Overall i went into this episode with low expetations and i wasnt let down. I was finally happy to see the plot not about the pit and something else. The episode was actually very funny and i can tell that she show is coming into it's own and not the office anymore.
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