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Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 09, 2009 on NBC
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The overly enthusiastic Deputy Director of the Parks and Recreation Department of Pawnee, Leslie Knope discovers an abandon pit in her town and becomes dead set on turning it into a new park. After calling in favors and quite a bit of cajoling, Leslie gets permission to start an exploratory sub-committee for the project.


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  • Pilot

    I have enjoyed this episode and the show itself. Looking back on it 's amazing how much the characters have grown since this Pilot. But I am not here to talk about the future, I am here to talk about this episode. I remembered seeing the promos for this show. I thought this has promise and it didn't disappoint. Unfortunately this show had a couple strikes against it one it was the start of only 6 episodes for the season and two another simlar show (The Office) was already on the air. That being said I liked they only introduced a few characters. Lesile Knope is little bit like Michael Scott in their positiveness. I like that while she is a blonde, she is not all dumb, smart but not all snobby smart and still a good person who wants to have a good time (see the end). The friendship she stroke up with Ann Perkins seems genuine. Having seen all of these episodes of this series it may be unfair to say this. Andy at first comes off a douche, April as too "whatever" Ron kind of stiff and Tom as a "playa" but not in a good way. That is one thing that dragged down the Pilot. I think it was sweet that Mark is the reason that Lesile got the lot. What made this show had promise other then the great work of Amy Pohler was the citizens of the town. If you read my review (thank you) give this show a chance. Watch the whole first season and part of the second season to form a opinion.moreless
  • Better then the office!

    The office can just be really brutal. Too many characters, too much confusion. Sticking with a few characters like this is a really good idea. It's definitely a lot more funny and a lot more uplifting. I can also tell that the set on this show is a lot more dimensional then the office. The office is well, just in the office. Amy Poland is an amazing character and actor. The opening scene was brilliant. This is one of my new favorite shows and I hope it survives. Well done and I can't wait to see more! One of NBC's best pilot!moreless
  • Truly and utterly brutal.

    I was unsure of what to expect from Parks and Recreation. On one hand it could be the next big comedy, and on the other hand it is from the people who bring you The Office, and that show is like a gallon of milk three years past its prime.

    Parks and Recreation was like a bad SNL sketch that ran on for too long. This series shows zero promise whatsoever as its star is the quintessential example of an unfunny person. I actually laughed at a few Aziz Ansari lines, and the Bobby Knight reference but not to the extent where a smash hit comedy could be spawned by them.

    Rashida Jones is really the only funny or talented person on the cast and they have her playing the straight man, which is mind boggling. The Aziz character is sort of like a male Pam Beesly which does not work for a number of reasons.

    If NBC was banking on the success of this show, it might be time to file for bankruptcy.moreless
  • Not very often will I give a show only one episode before completely writing it off.

    This is the most unfunny show I've seen in a very long time. Not a single time did I even come close to cracking a smile. I love Amy Poehler, but this just isn't for her. This definitely doesn't fit in with Office and 30 Rock, and I hope it gets canned really soon. My biggest gripe is that Aziz Ansari actually got another role on TV. This man has the comedic value equivalent to Carlos Mencia. Everything he tries to say comes out awful, and he attempts these facial expressions trying to be funny, but fails miserably. The rest of the cast was incredibly irrelevent. I was excited to see Rashida Jones back on TV, but they definitely should have just brought her back onto the Office. I will be shocked if the ratings don't drop by 50% for the next episode, I don't see how anyone could like this bland, forced humor.moreless
  • Very good Pilot episode.

    I really started liking this show when I watched this episode, it was very smart, and funny. Plus I loved the theme song. I say the pilot or the whole show in general was smart because it is a pretty good idea for a pilot. A woman who works for the government wants to build a park. While her committee is her co-workers, a guy that she slept with, and the victims of a dangerous pit. I also like this show because it is sort of a huge arc, and it makes you want to find out what happens next in creating a huge park.moreless
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    • Ron: I've been quite open about this around the office I don't want this parks department to build any parks because I don't believe in government. I think that all government is a waste of taxpayer money. My dream is to have the parks system privatized and run entirely for profit by corporations. Like Chuck-e-Cheese, they have an impeccable business model. I would rather work for Chuck-e-Cheese.

    • Leslie: The key to any fact-finding mission is to get right into the battle zone. You know? Just like George Bush when he flew over New Orleans, or Nixon when he went to China to see what the Chinese were up to...(falls into pit)

    • Leslie: Mark and I, it's complicated. When you work closely with someone and you share similar interests and you have a similar world view and your passionate about the same things...things can happen. We slept together.
      Mark: Leslie, no...oh my God, you know what, yeah we did like 5 years ago, i sorta...(laughs) but yeah, yeah, we did.

    • Leslie Knope: OK! Brainstorm! How do we make this park happen?
      Tom Haverford: Let's go to the city council directly and ask them to put up the money.
      Leslie Knope: No, parks are not a priority. I need more firepower, I need bigger guns. You know what I need to do? Form a committee, right?
      Tom Haverford: Yeah, it could work.
      Leslie Knope: Yeah, 'cause committees are power. Committees make things happen. Committees are the life blood of our democratic system. That's really good, write that down.
      Tom Haverford: (Tom begins to write) Yep.
      Leslie Knope: From time to time, when I think of an eloquent saying or phrase, I have Tom write it down his collecting for my memoirs.
      Tom Haverford: (holding up a notepad Here's Leslie's quote from Wednesday. (camera zooms in, showing scribbles on the page)
      Leslie Knope: OK, read it back to me.
      Tom Haverford: Um, committees cover our democracy with blood.
      Leslie Knope: Hmm, sounded better when I said it. Still good though.

    • Tom Haverford: I am from Bennettsville, South Carolina. So I am what you might call a redneck.

    • Tom Haverford: Every now and then, we have these little gatherings, and Leslie gets plastered. One time, I convinced her to try to fax someone a Fruit Roll Up. She, one time, made out with the water delivery guy. In her office. On Halloween, she was dressed up as Batman. Not Batgirl; Batman. And I convinced her to go stop a crime that was going on outside. And it is my favorite thing in the world.

    • Leslie Knope: (singing while drunk) Soul Sister, Soul Sister, better get that dough sister! Sweet Lady Marmalarde.

    • Leslie Knope: Dream with me for a second, Ann: doesn't this neighborhood deserve a first class park? Imagine a shiny new playground with a jungle gym; and swings; pool; tennis courts; volleyball courts; raquetball courts; basketball courts; regulation football field; we can put an ampitheater with 'Shakespeare in the Park'...
      Ann Perkins: It's really not that big of a pit.
      Leslie Knope: We can do some of those things.

    • Leslie Knope: When I go through these doors, I need to be "on", like the White House Press Secretary. Are you ready?
      Tom Haverford: Yes.
      Leslie Knope: OK! Here we go!
      (Pulls on the door handles)
      Leslie Knope: (looks into the camera) It's locked.

    • Leslie Knope: This is where the rubber of government meets the road of actual human beings.

    • Leslie: I don't like obscenities just as much as you don't like them-
      Concerned citizen: No, it drives me crazy. I have kids.
      Leslie: Right, but uh-
      Concerned citizen: I've got my little three year old and I'm going through the park someone's like, "Hey [bleep] my [bleep]." and the guy's "You [bleep] my [bleep] you [bleep]head."

    • Ron Swanson: This is my basketball court. I don't want to see any double dribbles. I don't want to see any three second violations.

    • Leslie Knope: So this was built in 1935. It's called Pioneer Hall. And a little trivia: it is one of the first structures in America to ever have locks.

    • Leslie Knope: Well, if you want something done in this town, you call Mark Brendanawicz because he's a city planner, but he's more than that. He's kind of a fixer. He fixes things. He's a smart, capable guy. He just .... he knows where the bodies are buried.

    • Leslie Knope: These people are members of the community that care about where they live. So what hear when I'm being yelled at is people caring ... loudly at me.

    • Leslie Knope: Sir? This is a childrens slide. You're not allowed to sleep here.

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